(Video) Whoopi Goldberg endorses Jill Biden for Surgeon General

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“I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes Surgeon General.  Joe Biden’s wife, he would never do [presumably she was going to say he would never appoint her], but she’s a hell of a doctor, she’s an amazing doctor.”

Our take:

It’s not that Goldberg made a mistake, it’s that she did it so overwhelmingly because Biden is a liberal. Goldberg has for years been a shill, a political hack and untrustworthy, but other lefties are usually able to cover for her. This “mistake” needs to be blown up so that people who don’t follow politics can see our point that “The View” is garbage and hyper-partisan, and Whoopi Goldberg is as trustworthy as a soggy potato chip from a porta-potty floor.

The Young Turks:

Whoopi’s Cringeworthy Comment About Joe Biden’s Wife

Samuel Hayes

Whoopi Goldberg,”Dr. Biden Would Be A Great Surgeon General.”

Conservative Resurgence

“Politico” Whoopi Goldberg Seriously Told Panel “I Hope Dr. Jill [Biden] becomes Surgeon General”

The Hill

Krystal and Saagar React: Whoopi FAWNS over Bidens, called out LIVE on The View

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