What Do You Know About Hunter Biden?

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The Department of Justice has had info on Hunter Biden for literally YEARS now but hasn’t released it to the public until a leak in late December of 2020. President Trump was obviously very, very upset about this, and it likely led to William Barr’s resignation as Attorney General.

Here’s why the information should have been released earlier, and why it’s a particularly tender spot for President Trump.

The President’s impeachment was based on it

The impeachment of President Trump dominated the headlines, and it’s going to be a stain on his history that should never have even happened. Let’s try to not get side tracked and keep one simple fact in mind: All of this started because of him asking for an investigation into fraud involving billions of US tax payer dollars involving Hunter Biden. The Democrats have done a fantastic job of muddying the waters on this, but it remains a very important subject, so let’s go ahead and demystify this a little bit with some great memes, fantastic links, and some questions that you need to force liberals to answer in order to open their minds up to the truth.

Is Asking For Investigations On Your Opponents Against The Law?

This is the crux of the Democrat’s argument, that it’s an abuse of power to launch any investigation into your political opponent. While on the surface that sounds like it should be enough to impeach, let’s not forget that at the end of his campaign and at the start of his Presidency

In the words of the White House, “Senate Democrats pressured Ukraine last year to cooperate on the Mueller investigation into President Trump. This year, President Trump has asked Ukraine to fully cooperate with any Justice Department investigation into the actions of former Vice President Joe Biden and his family in Ukraine.”

Most people, given the facts above, would agree that even though it’s definitely unsavory to have politicians use law enforcement and foreign governments to investigate their opponents, it’s the current culture in Washington to do this. While an unwanted and definitely dirty practice, given that it was literally just done to him, it’s not a big enough issue to remove a President from office.

Now, let’s clarify another point that the left has been obfuscating; whether or not Hunter Biden is worth investigating.

Kicked Out of the Navy After Only One Weekend for Drug Use

In 2014 it became major news when the Vice President’s son received a commission in the US Navy as an officer. Somehow, when he was forced to resign less than a month later for cocaine use, it was out of the news cycle rather quickly. This wasn’t ten or fifteen years ago, either. It was in 2014, about halfway through his father Joe Biden’s second term as Vice President.

Left Crack Pipe And “White Powdery Substance” Behind, But Never Prosecuted

According to this report by Breitbart News, Hunter Biden left credit cards, a driver’s license, a Delaware attorney general badge, a cellphone, and a U.S. Secret Service business card in the car. He also failed to put the rental car keys in the drop box but left them hidden inside the car.

This also wasn’t in the distant past, but in 2016, at the end of Joe Biden’s term as Vice President.

Why does the right keep pointing at Hunter Biden’s long and sad history of drug use? It’s because it makes it obvious that he has no business being a high level executive in a major energy company of a foreign country. The only plausible reason that this crackhead got the job with Burisma is that the Ukranians wanted a direct line to someone in the Washington, and paying Hunter Biden $83,000 was the easiest way to do it.

The man doesn’t even read or speak their language, for God’s sake!

Click here or on the image below to see Republican Representative Matt Gaetz summarize Hunter Biden’s drug use during the impeachment hearings.

Several Billion Dollar Deals With China After Traveling There With His Dad

Most people would’ve been happy with a $83,000 a month job for doing nothing other than having Biden as your last name. Not, Hunter, though. He traveled to China aboard Air Force 2 with his dad and walked out a few days later with a multi-billion dollar deal for his “investment firm.”

It’s unclear how much money he’s made from his deals in China. What we do know is that he’s traveling there with his daddy functioning in his official capacity of Vice President and walking out of there with billions in deals shows corruption of the absolute highest levels.

The left needs to be forced to answer this question:

Did Joe Biden know that Hunter was making these deals, meaning that he’s okay with corruption as long as it’s your family? Or was he unaware of these deals, meaning that he’s ridiculously oblivious and incompetent?

Ukraine Tried To Investigate – Until Joe Biden Threatened To Withhold Money Unless They’re Fired

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who wanted an investigation into this corruption. Lawmakers and law enforcement in Ukraine wanted to look into it, however, with the investigation leading straight to Hunter Biden and other Democrats, Joe Biden had to intervene. Click here or on the video below to watch Joe Biden literally brag about getting the prosecutor fired for investigating corruption.

And There’s More!

Although directly unrelated to actual corruption but definitely more evidence of what a couple of scumbags Joe and Hunter Biden are, here’s the soap opera-like facts and timeline on his love life.

The point of it all is that this is what Joe Biden brings with him to Washington. Granted, the man just lost a son and he loves his remaining son even more. And any of us would still love our children even if they were addicts and had unusual sex lives. However, most of us would have the integrity to not let our drug addict children capitalize on the family name when it weakens national security. Most of us would not use our fame and position to get our children out of legal trouble when leaving crack pipes in rental cars.

Joe Biden’s inability to deal with his son is proof that he doesn’t have the character needed to be the Chief Executive of our nation.

The Laptop

Crackhead Hunter took his Macbook (only the most expensive for the Bidens!) took his laptop in for repairs at a Wilmington, Delaware repair shop. The laptop reportedly contained emails that confirm the Burisma scandal, as well as similar business dealings in China.

Additionally, several emails in the laptop specifically point at Joe Biden as being “the big guy” who took ten percent of what Hunter was paid, several million dollars worth – but the FBI and DOJ just sat on it.

What else is on that laptop?

There are rumors all over the place as to what’s on that laptop. At the very least it includes pictures of Hunter Biden falling asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth, as well as pictures of him with prostitutes in what is obviously a Chinese hotel room.

While I don’t really care about his drug use or sex life, I do ask all Americans, especially those on the left to ask themselves: “The Chinese aren’t into charity. They very likely gave Hunter Biden millions of dollars – what did they get in return? ” Because if it was a “business deal,” what exactly did they get from him in exchange?

Answer: Probably nothing from Hunter other than scheduling some phone calls or meetings with Joe.

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