We Need More Toxic Masculinity!

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Toxic masculinity is at the top of what the left says is wrong with America. It’s also at the top of the list of what I think is right with America.

People, mainly on the left will doubt me. If you’re one of them, I challenge you to ask yourself this question as you scroll down:

Are more or less of these men what we need to fix the problems in the country? Do we need more Marines and soldiers or more Antifa? Do we need more farmers and hunters or more poets and painters?

The Ultimate Liberal “Man,” Jordan Hunt!

Jordan Hunt, also known as “Cuck Norris,” is the ultimate example of a liberal “man.” Our post on this clown, made famous for kicking a woman on the street with his tongue out, like a mentally challenged combination of Michael Jordan and Bruce Lee is flat out awesome and perfectly captures the essense of the liberal male. Click here or on any of the Cuck Norris images below to see the full post.

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