We Love Our Guns

A lot of our political conversation today is focused on whether or not the Second Amendment protects a private right of individuals to keep and bear arms, or if its a right that can be exercised only through militia organizations such as the National Guard, which is normally under the control of the various state governors.

Our Founding Fathers believed that governments are naturally prone to using soldiers to oppress the people, just how England used her army and navy to suppress the colonies. They believed that a strong government was required in order to remain free, but that this government had to fear its people revolting against it if it ever were to turn to tyranny.

Now our government is debating whether to remove the guns of its citizens under the pretense of us being unable to protect ourselves as a militia against foreign invaders, under the pretense of us not needing guns to defend our homes against invaders. While all of these reasons are plausible and relatively reasonable, our guns are also our protection against our own government as well.

As the never ending fight over guns continues we ask that you remember that “gun control” is more about the “control” than it is about the “guns.” The “right to bear arms” isn’t about the arms themselves, but about whether it’s really a “right.” While the enforcement of laws, good order, and discipline is squarely the job of government, it is the job of “we the people” to ensure that we don’t let our rights erode.

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