Virginia Gun Rights Rally: Perfect Execution

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The rally today to protest Virginia’s unconstitutional proposals for gun restriction went as perfectly as could be. There were no fights, no arrests, no pepper spraying of protestors by other protestors like you would see when the left gathers.

The governor declared a state of emergency ahead of the rally and the media reported on some bogus “threats” to stir up drama, but there was no drama. In fact, it was extremely peaceful. No arrests were reported, no people were pepper sprayed, and no one got into a fight. The only people worried now are the Democrats who overplayed their hand yet again. Even though they literally just won control of the state in the last election, they all now know that Virginia is going red again in 2020 and will stay red for the next fifty years.

The governor declared a state of emergency to stir up some drama, and he was backed up by liberal media outlets who overhyped some “threats.” Unfortunately, Virginia gun owners aren’t like Antifa or Occupy Wall Street and the whole rally concluded with no violence and no arrests. In fact, the only people worried about it now are the Democrats in the state legislature who know they’re getting voted out in November.

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