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Joe Rogan Interviews Ben Shapiro

GlennTV’s “Socialism A Warning from the Dead”

Candace Owens on Her Journey from Liberal to Conservative

Mini-AOC Interviews Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle Explain Whistleblower Laws to the Clowns on “The View”

Dave Chappelle and the LGBTs in a Car

Commie Girl

#WalkAway Movement is EXPLODING Across America

Ann Coulter Visits “The View”

Social Justice Warriors vs Logic

Meet Brandon Straka, the Founder of the Campaign that Caused Democrats to Leave the Left

Sergeant Major Break Dancing at Marine Corps Ball

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AUDITIONED for her job? She’s an actress not a politician!

Steven Crowder: There Are Only Two Genders, Change My Mind

Donald Trump Jr. “Triggers” The View

Trey Gowdy Schools Joy Behar on Her Own Show

Watters World: SXSW

Feminists Triggered: Instant Karma Edition #2

Leftists Students Prefer Segregation

“Strong Bias!” Candace Owens UNLOADS on Congress At Hearing

Building the Border Wall Faster, Better, Cheaper

Dave Chappelle Blows Up the Left’s Piety

Glenn Beck Schools Ashton Kutcher on Gun Statistics

What REALLY Happened to Jeffrey Epstein

The Young Turks Election Night Meltdown

Female Birth Coach Ousted for Saying “Only Women Can Have Babies”

Greg Gutfeld on Project Veritas Exposing CNN

Antifa Harass the Elderly

The Tolerant Left Unleash a Season of Hate

Joe Biden Poll on Impeachment is an Epic Fail

Guardians of the Presidency

Steve Forbes on Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Plan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Just Society” Proposal

Trump’s Chicago Speech Mocks Jussie Smollett and Illegal Immigration

Walking 153 of San Francisco Streets


Watters World: Millenials

Steven Crowder: Transgender Child Caught in Legal Battle

Project Veritas Exposes CNN

Unwitting Bernie Supporters Love the Republican Tax Plan

Mike Rowe and What He Learned from “Dirty Jobs”

Jimmy Fallon on Pierre Delecto

Conan O’Brien on Pierre Delecto

The Young Turks Lies on Abortion

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Too Busy for Her Constituents

Watters World: Free Stuff

Biden 2020 Bad Lip Reading

Darth Trump

7 Reasons Ben Shapiro Is So Dominant in Debates

How Did Elizabeth Warren Become the Front Runner

Captain MAGA

Ben Shapiro vs Climate Change

DSA National Convention Highlights

AOC and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Constitutional Scholars

Black Death Metal Greta

I Wore a MAGA Hat Through California Airports. See What Happened

Glenn Beck Reveals How He Came To Support Donald Trump

Top 5 Change My Mind Conversations

Muslim Americans Answer the Question: Should Sharia Law Supersede the United States Constitution

Feminist and Social Justice Fails

Ivanka Trump Speaks Out About Impeachment Probe

Mini-AOC and the Electric Car

Mini-AOC Deletes Accounts After Receiving Death Threats

Leftist Explodes on Steven Crowder Over the Idea of People Having Free Speech

Ben Shapiro vs. Cenk Uygur Debate Highlights

Donald J. Trump – The Long Road to the White House

Trump Plays the Media

Why You Should Calm Down About Impeachment

AOC Lashes Out At Unflattering Likeability Poll

Democrats Want Gang Members Exempt from Red Flag Laws

Tucker Carlson Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Kamala Harris?

Mini-AOC and Chicken Little

Candace Owens Repeatedly Leaves Liberals Speechless in Congress


Ben Shapiro vs Cenk Uyger Full Debate

Tucker Carlson: Is the Trudeau Scandal Really a Surprise?

Obama Supporter Has Awakening

Walgreen’s Racist Pharmacist?

ABC’s What Would You Do? Restaurant Owner Tells Customer to Remove MAGA Hat

Hilarious Joe Biden Moments

Who Is Ilhan Omar?

Ben Shapiro Sounds Off on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Twitter Exchange

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar Being Disgusting

Political Correctness Might Be Red-Pilling America

Hipsters Know Nothing About Taxes

How White Liberals Really View Black Voters

Campus Argument Goes Viral At Evergreen State College

Does Your Vote Count? The Electoral College Explained

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

How Has California Fared Under Liberal Politicians?

Why Socialism Fails Every Time

Playing the Race Car

Panera Cares Closes. The Story of a Socialist Cafe

5 Inequality Myths

Man sees Pro-Trump Rally, disagrees with them, gets out of his car and spits on them, then gets arrested. Instant karma.

10 Myths About Government Debt

The Left Continues to Defend Antifa Despite Evidence of Unprovoked Violence

3 Common Myths of Capitalism

Why Trump Won

Bill Clinton: Mo’ Booty, Mo’ Problems

President Reagan’s One-Liners

The Myths of Economic Inequality

The Fatal Flaw in Leftist American Politics

Steven Crowder: Why Democratic Socialism Won’t Work

The Best of Ron Swanson

Male Privilege is a Myth. Change My Mind

I’m Pro-Gun. Change My Mind

Funniest SJW Reactions to Trump’s Victory

Kid Tries to Sell Socialism to Former Soviet Union Citizen

Ben Shapiro’s 10 Rules for Fighting the Left

Every High School Principal Should Say This

The Truth About Universal Health Care From A Canadian

Joe Biden Enters the Race

Liberal Meltdown Compilation

The View Hosts Getting Owned Compilation

Socialist Medical Student Gets Education on Why Socialism Always Fails By Ben Shapiro

Capitalism Vs Socialism

Hitler Finds Out the Mueller Investigation is Over

Mueller’s Gang Tried to Take Down Our Superman

Green New Deal Vote Will Be Embarassing for Democrats

The “Progressive” Income Tax

North Koreans Try American BBQ

Ordering A Gay Wedding Cake From A Muslim Bakery