Video: Walk Away Movement is EXPLODING Across America

The #WALKAWAY Campaign has exploded and Americans are abandoning the left in droves! Watch and then share this page and these videos. Spread the word, share the faith!

“Why I’m No Longer a Democrat”

“I’m a former Democratic Campaign manager, now a proud Republican!”

“Democrats look like morons. It’s mass madness. I #WalkedAway”

“I’m Gay and I Chose to #WalkAway.”

“I Was Firmly Entrenched in my Liberal Mindset”

“Why I’ve Joined the Walk Away Movement”

“Walk Away from What?”

“Former Obama White House Intern Walks Away”

The #WalkAway Movement Perfectly Summarized

“An extremely important message to the #WalkAway movement.”

Meet Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WALKAWAY movement

(This will open the video in another page.)

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