Two things that bother me about this post:

  1. This “teacher” is not just bringing his sex life to the children he’s entrusted to care for and educate, but he’s excited about it. This is not normal – adults should not be talking to children about recreational sex, much less their personal sex lives. Children should be learning what they need to learn to compete in the world market, not that their teacher is a “demiboy” who wears panties under his otherwise masculine clothing.
  2. Democrats are not only okay with this, but they’re supporting and even encouraging it! The worst part is that most Democrats know deep in their hearts that this is wrong, but they refuse to say as much because it would be giving points to the conservatives. They’re refusing to call out blatant wrongs because doing so would hurt them politically. So not only are we screwed, but half of us are okay with it because of petty politics.

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