Trump Derangement Syndrome – It’s Real!

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real! All around the country liberals are had mental breakdowns over our President being elected, and with each one of his successes, the problem gets worse. The left has gone so far as to wish ill upon the country just because it will make President Trump look bad. If you know a liberal suffering from TDS, tell them to turn off their TV, take a deep breath, and to look around the country with an objective eye: Things are improving rapidly! If that fails, they can call the TDS Hotline at 1-800-YOU-LOST

I wonder how this gentleman will explain this tattoo to his grandkids in a few years.
Dr Gu needs a psychiatrist STAT!
Our most popular “Military Monday” post: The Navy Corpsman. These men and women are true patriots. Click on the image above to be inspired by the best our nation has to offer.
Even FLOTUS’s Christmas Trees are criticized!
Joss, brother, we absolutely love your movies. But stay out of political commentary, especially if your “hate and sadness are exhausting.” You have TDS and you have it bad. Get psychiatric help or a bottle of Bulleit.
An actual news article by CNBC wondering how far our economy would have to suffer to hurt President Trump!
Fact checking how high the stack of cheeseburgers would be just so they call him a “liar” again! Don’t know if this is sad or tragically funny, but it’s gotta stop for the sake of our country. Get help, Washington Post!
Show your support for Trump’s 2020 campaign with this gorgeous mug. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you don’t absolutely love it, return it!

Trump Derangement Syndrome is real! And so are the awesome memes on the rest of our site. Use the links below for more great laughs, memes, and commentary that you can share with your friends – especially the liberal ones who you might trigger a meltdown on!

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