(Article) Tiananmen Square

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The Tiananmen Square protests, also known as the Tiananmen Square Incident, or the June Fourth Incident as it’s known in mainland China, were student led demonstrations held in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square from April to June of 1989 and led to the Democracy Movement in China that lasted for the rest of the year.

Although the protests were peaceful, government officials grew tired and sent in the Red Army to suppress them. Martial Law was declared and anyone still on the streets was forcibly assaulted or shot at by the government, leading to violence.

The actual Tiananmen Square Massacre happened when troops armed with tanks and assault rifles fully opened fire at the demonstrators killing what is believed to be several thousand, although the Chinese government still refuses to put out official numbers, claiming nothing happened and arresting anyone who had pictures or video of the incident and destroying all evidence they could get their communist hands on.

As we remember the Tiananmen Square Massacre, keep this in mind: the Chinese citizens did not have any weapons to defend themselves with against the government.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre is the example we need to give when asked why we fight so hard for our Second Amendment rights.

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