Thursday Randomness: Locked and Loaded Edition

The Second Amendment is both the most important amendment and the one under the greatest attack by the left. Their attempts to take our guns must be met with full force resistance and even reasonable sounding concessions on our end won’t placate them – they’ll just use it as a platform to get even more restrictions on gun control.

We have several posts on the Second Amendment and each of the following memes will link you to one of them. Share them on your social media and spread the word: “Shall not be infringed upon” means “Get your effin hands off our guns!”

“2A is 2Awesome”
Great, eye-opening video by Steven Crowder: “I’m Pro-Gun, Change My Mind”
“Hollywood’s Hypocrisy on Guns.” Always good for a laugh at the left.
“Myths vs Gun Facts.” Gonna be honest, this post should be labeled “Gun Porn”
“We Love Our Guns.” If you’re a 2A fan, this one is for you.
Don’t worry about it, Nancy and Chuck. We the people will build it ourselves until you clowns get voted out.
$23 million dollars so far! Click the image above if you want to contribute!
Father’s Day is coming up quick! Last chance to get him the best gift he’ll get this year!

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