Best Memes This Week: LeBron James is A Bum Edition

Our compilation posts are absolutely the best – just a bunch of random memes on every subject in the news that week. This week was one for the record books and we’ve covered everything from Antifa to Yoko Ono. Scroll down – and be a little patient – because this here is a YUGE post!

So this person was born a male, still has all his male genitalia. Identifies as a female (pretends to be a woman), but is attracted to women, so he’s now also a lesbian. Goes into a beauty salon that specializes in waxing female genitalia. They say “No, you can’t force us to touch your penis” so this champion of intellect decides to sue them.
Remember Jeffrey Epstein? We do! Click here or on the image above for a full post on this weird mystery.

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