Best Memes This Week: Banned Edition

We’ve had a little bit of time off this week so we took advantage of it and got the biggest Thursday Randomness post we’ve ever done. Please be patient while it loads. Also, scroll down a little bit more and read about how it is that we all of a sudden had some extra free time and what it cost us. It’s the wall of text down just down past the picture of a bottle of whiskey on a Mac Book, immediately after a few memes of Hillary Clinton. Trust me: You need to read this.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly how Red Flag Laws are going to be implemented. Click on this image for a full post on gun confiscation.

Hillary Clinton is thinking about running in 2020. Here’s some reminders of why she’s a bad candidate

  1. Do you really want a President who walks around in public like this? It’s an embarrassment to the nation.

2. She lost a rigged election. She cheated on the damn thing and still lost. This should disqualify her from ever even being a janitor at a government building.

3. She’s clearly guilty of doing evil things for money, and she’s ridiculously corrupt. For example, as Secretary of State she sold 20% of our uranium to Russia after the Russians gave a donation to the Clinton Foundation. How is this not something that’s been investigated?

4. While under investigation she deleted 33,000 emails and then didn’t get prosecuted by James Comey. Comey then went on to try to get Trump for a Russian collusion that never happened. How did this not get investigated?

We published a post on Sharia Law last week (click here, it was a great post!) and shortly after we received the following message from Facebook.

When we clicked on “learn more” and some other notices, Facebook claimed that it was giving us a temporary ban for this video about how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes aren’t exactly Constitutional scholars. We tried to appeal, but as of a few days later there was no response.

We don’t believe for one second that it was the video that got us banned, so we tried appealing the decision based on the Sharia post. We stated that the Sharia Law post was mainly quotes from the Koran and Hadiths, the two holy books of Islam, along with pictures of them carrying out their interpretation of what these books say. Just in case it actually was regarding the video, we asked them to please rewatch the video, that there was nothing offensive in it, other than the host explaining how what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chris Hayes were saying wasn’t in line with the Constitution. The video has 209,000 views on YouTube, so I doubt it’s truly offensive. Neither of these arguments could be broken which is why we’re still banned a few days later.

Our focus has been on increasing Facebook traffic. We got traffic up to 1 million views per month then for unknown reasons, our traffic went down to a few thousand views per month, even though we had the same content. We pushed through the setback and our traffic ballooned up to 700,000 views per month and raising quickly. Now, the one week ban will cause us to lose 25% of our monthly income, as well as slow the visits and views of our site, which hurts when presenting our site to advertisers.

We’re not mad at Facebook. We know that liberals are going to do what liberals do best, and that’s shut down dissenting opinions. It’s a great theory and business model, but in our opinion, their liberal dogma is affecting the rest of us and our free speech. We’re not asking for government intervention other than for them to be classified as either a publisher or a platform, because right now all of these platforms act like both when it fits their needs and that hurts people like us who have dissenting views.

We’re using this week to diversify our traffic sources. We’re putting the majority of our posts on Pinterest with links back to our site, as well as on Instagram, which we know is owned by Facebook. Our Twitter is also odd, with plenty of good Tweets but none that show up on the feeds of our friends who follow us, – obvious evidence of the “shadow ban” that they deny exists.

We’re going to keep pushing; partially to spread the Conservative message, but partially to expand the website and earn some money- this website does cost money, and it’s countless hours spent by the four of us here at the home office. We ask for your help in spreading and sharing our site and our posts on all of the major social networks, as well as to consider purchasing some of our products to help offset the loss of ad revenue caused by the Facebook ban – three products below for you to consider.

Regardless of whether we disagree or not on the smaller political items such as if free college is something we should spend our tax dollars on, we hope that the big things of freedom of speech and censorship are still things we agree on.

One of the more popular posts we had before the ban was on the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy; not just on how he mysteriously died, but also on how the media suddenly stopped reporting on it. If you haven’t seen it, you’re definitely missing out on some great memes and better conspiracy theories. Click on any of the images below to get caught up.

Look at this picture closely. It is a photograph of Robert Francis O’Rourke changing a tire in the dumbest way possible, trying to get a photo-op as a “common man.”

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