Thursday Randomness

Every Thursday we clean house – all of the memes and images that we collected throughout the week and don’t have a home – we post them on one mega post! WARNING: Don’t open this post unless you’re able to dedicate the rest of your day to LOLing.

Want some great gear? TheFunnyConservative.com has launched our new one stop shop full of the best conservative gear we can find, including this TRUMP bumper sticker below. We have T-shirts, ball caps, stickers, and more! Click the text above or the image below to get some swag now!

Candace Owens is one of the best minds in the Conservative movement. Click here or any of her images below for some of her best quotes.

Remember the time that Ed Krassenstein posted a poll about who people would vote for, expecting no one to select Donald Trump, and then when Trump won, he had to delete the post?

Father’s Day is coming up soon! If you want to give him a special something that he’ll use daily for the next year, you’re in luck because we have…

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