Thursday Randomness

On Thursdays we just prepare for the weekend by publishing all of the unused memes we can: roll out the old so we can replace them with the newest ones we can find or make.

We all had one too many whiskys or rum and cokes last night while preparing for this Thursday’s post and lost count of the collected memes. It worked out, though, as it’s our biggest post ever.

The beautiful riverfront view of Toledo, OH, home of the majority of our website traffic! Thank you, Toledo!
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WARNING: Not safe for anti-Americans pieces of garbage
American Icons. Comment below if you recognize them. Free membership to our website if you do!
What? A black Democrat is racist?! This can’t be!

Democrats say that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York is one their rising stars, a force to be reckoned with. We say she’s incompetent and a moron, and that she needs to be voted out immediately for the good of the country.

Click on any of her memes below to see our latest page of memes about her and decide for yourself!

Could she be the most dishonest politician in Washington? Maybe. But at least we have a full page of memes about her! Click on the image above for some great laughs.
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How about some love for President Trump?