Three questions on the Capitol Hill protest

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Question 1: Was it wrong?

It went too far. The election has serious questions and the Democrats flat out refusal to allow the machines to be audited SCREAMS fraud, but the Capitol Building should never have been breached.

Question 2: Was it Trump’s fault?

Arguable at best, but I’m going to say no. The building was surrounded before Trump’s speech even started and if his supporters marched from where they were listening to his speech to the Capitol Building they would have gotten there AFTER the building was breached. This was obviously two separate groups of people.

I’ll concede that the lead up to the event could have been handled better, with speeches the day before urging peace, not to turn into BLM, etc.

Question 3: Is the outrage manufactured?

Absolutely. Simply compare the outrage over this to what little was expressed over months of Antifa / BLM protests.

Additionally – may he rest in peace and it’s still tragic – but George Floyd protesters are upset about a drug dealer / junkie / career criminal who overdosed on fentanyl and just happened to die while in police custody. Trump’s “supporters” are upset about what they believe to be a stolen election; what they believe to be a coup.

These are not equal events. While literally everyone I know has nothing but sympathy for George Floyd’s family and wishes he were still alive – in jail, but alive – the facts of the lifestyle he lived, submerged in drugs and crime, and that he had a fatal dose of fentanyl in his system and would’ve died regardless of the police’s actions (despicable, but they didn’t kill him) cannot be overlooked when comparing the two events that led to riots and protests.

In summary, the police officers deserve whatever the maximum punishment is for their actions and neglect for George Floyd. For example, they should’ve called an ambulance as soon as he complained about breathing difficulties, but Trump does not deserve blame, much less an impeachment.

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