Three dirtbags

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Dirtbag 1: Hunter Biden

Allegations of underage encounters may or may not pan out – we’ll see. But what IS known is that he was in a relationship with his dead brother’s widow and then cheated on her with a stripper. He impregnated that stripper and then refused to pay child support, even though he was making buckets of money from Burisma without doing ANY work. Here’s a link to our article on King Dirtbag if you’d like to know more.

Dirtbag 2: Eric Swalwell

There still hasn’t been much reporting or even investigations into him having a relationship with a Chinese spy. It’s possible that he even knew she was a spy but maintained the relationship anyways out of “love.” A man of courage and commitment would submit to questioning and investigation, but instead this dirtbag blamed Trump and says the real crime was whoever leaked the story.

Dirtbag 3: Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC

The fact that you have probably heard more about the two stories above from this meme website than from those “news” sources tells you that they’re not media outlets but just a wing of the Democrat Party. They might be the biggest dirtbags of all.

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