The Virus Was Made in China

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The Chinese government first tried to hide the plague by censoring their media. Then they jailed journalists and whistleblowers, with some theories saying that some were even executed. Fast forward a few weeks and the virus spread past their communist shores and infected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

It was called the “Chinese Virus” because it originated in China. There was never any malice or hatred behind the name, but words have meaning and need to be accurate. However, to avoid any public backlash, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his totalitarian cohorts began a massive campaign to remove the phrase “Chinese Virus” from the media. They even tried to blame the virus on the US Army, just to sow the seeds of doubt as to the virus’ origins.

We need to hold China accountable. They need to face sanctions or be at least be made to pay for the health care costs they’ve created around the world.

They also need to address the hunger in their country and provide their citizens with safe food so that they’re not forced to eat bush meat such as bats and wild baby birds, the cause of coronavirus and other significant illnesses of the last twenty years.

Here’s a video of their “cuisine.” If the left calls us racist to point out that this is dangerous, then they need to thank us for our racism because it might keep you idiots alive.

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