The “Tolerant” Left

ANTIFA activists have toned down their shenanigans over the past few months but as the 2024 campaign cycle revs up right after a very likely “red wave” in 2022, the nation is bracing for another round of pointless demonstrations, violent riots, and stupid signs. Here are a few headlines, photos, and videos of their recent demonstrations to remind you that these clowns are actually very, very dangerous.

This sign, ignored by the left wing media, blatantly calls to shoot “fascists,” or as they’re commonly known:
Anyone who disagrees with them politically.
The video above was taken when a Pro-Trump rally was being held adjacent to a pro-immigration rally.
Watch the video then answer this question: Why would you wear a Mexican flag as a cape, or wave a huge Mexican flag as a banner in a rally held in the US to ask for Americans to allow more Mexicans in?
This man’s ankle was broken in 4 places for wearing his MAGA hat.

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