The Religion of Peace: Is It Compatible With The West?

There is massive unrest in Europe over the native Europeans and the newly arrived Muslim population. While there are many reasons for the constant strife, it can be boiled down primarily to one simple tenet: Islamists believe that their way is best, that the Western philosophy is sinful, and that it is their duty to convert us or kill us. Assimilation is not an option.

This unrest has started reaching US soil and it’s time to speak out with the truth. While we would love to bring refugees in and give them shelter and safety, we simply cannot afford to have people in our country who seek to destroy us from within – their words, their goals, their dreams, directly from their mouths (or signs, in this case).

The harshness of Sharia by itself leaves it incompatible with the West. Below are some troubling photographs, nothing too gory, of victims of Sharia law.

WARNING: Troubling images below

Liberals and those who want to import this insanity to our country might try to claim that these pictures are cherry picked, or only in the most extreme countries. Unfortunately, they’re wrong on this argument as well, as per the data in these Pew Research Center questions.

Yes, 86% of Egyptians think you should be put to death if you decide to change your religion.

The leftists in our country don’t care about these facts. Far too many Muslim immigrants, just like most other groups of immigrants, will vote for the party that gives them the most handouts. The left will also call those of us on the right racist for pointing this out.

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