Bernie Sanders

The lesson in this Bernie Sanders / Dan Crenshaw Tweet exchange

  1. Liberals just lie – the “majority” of the people is 41%? And Dan Crenshaw’s statistic comes from NPR, a solidly left leaning organization. If NPR lists it at 41%, then the real number is likely much lower.
  2. When Liberals don’t get their way, they typically yell about “voter suppression.” They know they’re in the minority and this is the vehicle they use to stuff ballot boxes to push their agenda. This is why conservatives must push hard for Voter ID laws, to get an accurate count of where the public opinions lie.

Conversely, if voter suppression DOES exist, we can identify who voted and who didn’t if we check for IDs. If someone didn’t vote and it’s because they were turned away at the poll, this data can be used to anyone who is actually suppressing their voice. However, we need to remember that Democrats know this, but actually solving the problem isn’t what they want, they want to complain about the problem so that they can stuff ballot boxes.

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