The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

Jeffrey Epstein was a horrible human being, accused of using his money, power, and influence to fuel his pedophile lifestyle. It appears that he made connections with other deranged individuals in ultra elite circles and facilitated their perverted sexual needs as well. Well, one day Jeffrey got arrested and there’s several conspiracies that say he was about to squeal on some of his former friends so they had him taken out.

Scroll down to explore some of the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death as well as some of the more outlandish (and a few plausible) conspiracy theories, as well as to check out some memes.

Removed from 24/7 Suicide Watch… on a Saturday?

If you’ve ever been arrested or know someone who has, then you know that virtually nothing happens in the court system over the weekend. If you get arrested on a Friday you’d better be ready to spend Saturday and Sunday there as well because there isn’t a judge in the country who works weekends!

Well, somehow Jeffrey Epstein was removed from suicide watch on a Saturday. Was it because of his connections? Or because weekends are when the jails have less employees and therefore easier to carry out a murder?

Removed From Suicide Watch Less Than A Week After Failed Suicide Attempt

This is not standard procedure. He should’ve been kept on the watch at least until another appointment with a psychiatrist or two. The early removal, and the early removal being on a Saturday make it too unusual to be believable.

Is He Still Alive? Did he Arrange his Escape and Plant Another Body in the Cell?

Press play on the video below.

Broken Neck Bones More Likely From Strangulation Than Hanging

The autopsy shows several broken bones in his neck. While not uncommon from hanging deaths, they are much more common from strangulation than they are from hangings. Is this just a coincidence, or was the assassin a little overzealous?

No Video Footage

In a world where the NSA knows literally everything about everyone, we can’t get video surveillance on a high value prisoner with very important information, who was also just on suicide watch?

Guards Were Asleep For Several Hours

Yes, one guard was on his fifth consecutive day of overtime. He was tired. Regardless, this much overtime is common practice and shouldn’t have contributed to a several hour nap. Plus, other inmates are saying that even with the overtime guards are working, they’re still walking around continuously and that you barely go ten minutes without seeing one, even if you’re not on suicide watch.

It’s definitely a confusing situation, with lots of loose ends. However, President Trump and Attorney General Barr are both looking into the situation. Regardless of his health and influence, an international child sex ring is the highest evil that man can create, and someone needs to come to justice for these crimes.

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