The Infamous “Koi-Gate,” “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” and Other Examples of Fake News

The “Daily Caller’s” report that President Trump is on the verge of legally getting CNN designated as “Fake News” is the best news we could have received as we start picking up speed for the 2020 Presidential election.

Whether or not it actually happens remains to be seen, but that it’s even a possibility should strike fear into the hearts of all yellow journalism outlets nationwide. Hopefully gone are the days of making up headlines, citing fake sources, and publishing garbage without double checking it which results in a circle of bogus outlets simply pointing to each other as the source of their headlines in an endless cycle of “We got it from them, who got it from those guys, who say they got it from here, who actually got it from us in an earlier report…”


One of the most blatant examples of the media trying to portray Trump as a buffoon came when the President visited Japan on his Asia tour in 2017. During the visit, he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe fed koi at a photo op. Both men fed the fish a few spoonfuls at a time, then Abe tossed his whole box in, followed by Trump who did the same, copying Abe’s actions. Unscrupulous American news outlets edited the video to only show Trump dumping the whole box implying that Trump was an impatient brute. Other left wing media outlets bought the bogus headlines at face value and were left looking like jerks when the full video was released.

Actual headline and article.
This wasn’t the first time Brian Fallon looked like a fool but it’s certainly one of the more memorable ones.
Good meme, TrivWorks! Only thing is… it’s fake.
“Jezebel” magazine’s retraction / correction was a little bit shy of classy.
Independent isn’t usually so far left, but they too, seem to have bought the hoax.
This particular CNN article did say what actually happened about five paragraphs in, but the headline was blatantly misleading.
Lindsay Beyerstein bought the fake news hook, line, and sinker (heh heh fish pun). She even takes the liberty of saying he murdered the fish. Nice journalisming, Lindsay!

Here are two photographs of what actually happened; photograph on the left happened first, then the one on the left a few moments after.

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!”

This media hoax directly led to the birth of the “Black Lives Matter” movement which has caused more harm to race relations in the US in the last fifty years.

The media played repeatedly images of anchors and other newscasters with their hands raised saying, “Hands up, don’t shoot” in support of Michael Brown, a store robbing thug who was confronted by police and then killed when he attacked an officer and tried to take his gun away. All of this was circulated along with pictures of Brown in his cap and gown, painting a picture of a young, upstanding citizen who was murdered in cold blood by racist police officers.

The only problem is, this never happened. It was all a big hoax. Michael Brown was shot dead as he charged at the police officer. This tiny piece of the puzzle, that it was all a lie, came out early in the trial of officer Darren Wilson, but the media left that part out because it killed their narrative.

We actually have a whole post dedicated to race relations in the US. Click here or on any of the images below to go there now.

And now the media calls Donald Trump racist, even though for years he’s been hanging around Al Sharpton, Don King, Jesse Jackson, and other high profile black community leaders

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