The First Vegan President?

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is a vegan and he’s campaigning for President in 2020. Even if you can bring yourself to stomach socialist programs, could you tolerate a full fledged vegan? How would we react as a nation if President Booker is invited to dinner in the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin pulls a power move of only serving pork chops?

Yes, it’s photoshopped, but the point remains: We can’t allow a vegan in the White House!

It’s not just that he’s a vegan – but he’s a pretentious vegan who can’t shut up about it’s supposed health benefits, how he prefers the taste of tree bark over ribeye, and all the other nonsense he posts to his Instagram feed. And when you factor in comments Booker has made such as how increasing the cost of meat will encourage vegetarianism… It’s gonna be a hard no from me, Senator.

Remember when this was we were laughed at for as a country?
At least Obama ate meat!

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