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Five O’Clock on Fridays: Father’s Day Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Instagram Models Be Like Edition

Five O’Clock on Friday: Congrats to Johnny Depp Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Little Tikes Boat Edition

Five O’clock on Friday: Booping the Baby Girl Edition

Five O’clock on Fridays: Snapple Possum Jeans Edition

Best Memes this Week: Trudeau got Trucked Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Beer is a Gift from God Edition

Best Memes this Week: The Kamala Cake Edition

Best Memes this Week: I Don’t Think A Lot of People Was Educated Edition

A Tax Policy Thread by Dan Crenshaw

Best Memes this Week: Bye-bye, Timmy Jay Edition

LeBron James Mega Post

A Collection of Pics and Headlines of Hypocritical Democrats Violating their own Facemask Mandates

Best Memes this Week: The Socialist Taco Edition

Jussie Smollett Mega Post

Ted Cruz goes straight for Anthony Fauci’s throat with these Tweets!

Best Memes this Week: The Kenosha Kid Edition

The best of the Twitter meltdown over the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal

The Jen Psaki Meme Collection

Best Memes this Week: Double Barrel Edition

134 memes about Kyle Rittenhouse, American hero

AOC Mega Post 2

Next up on “Get Woke, Go Broke,” Hooters and their Plus Sized Waitresses

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s 7 Tweet Message about January 6

The PoopyPants Biden Collection

Best Memes this Week: Getting the Concrete Edition

Colin Kaepernick equates playing in the NFL to being a slave

Alec Baldwin MEGA Post

Best Memes this Week: Alec Baldwin Can’t Miss

This YUGE Alec Baldwin Compilation Just Can’t Miss!

Empty Shelves Joe Collection

Let’s go, Brandon! Collection

Best Memes This Week: Rescind Deez, Timmy!

Best Memes This Week: Clown World Accelerates Edition

11 Great Quotes from Lauren Boebert

Best Memes This Week: Biden’s Saigon Edition

James Woods’ Twitter account has been absolute FIRE this week

Joe Biden’s Saigon, a look at these Islamic extremists, and a thank you to our troops

Best Memes this Week: Megan Rapinoe is a Loser, Tamyrah Mensah-Stock is a Winner Edition

Can Someone Pass An Urgent Message to This Clown?

Megan Rapinoe is a horrible American

Best Memes this Week: Don’t Nuke Me, Mister!

Joe Biden and the left want to take your guns. The right wants you to get nukes and F-15s.

Beautiful Parodies of the Beautiful Gadsden Flag

Ready for 153* memes of Joe Biden? Arm your meme cannons and open fire!

Best Memes this Week: Perfectly Balanced Edition

Military Monday: Handful of Brass Edition

Best Memes This Week: Brain Freeze Biden Edition

Military Monday: Appreciating Our Aircraft Carriers Edition

Military Branches as Members of ‘The Office’

Best Memes this Week: The COVID Pinata

Military Monday: Coming in Hot!

Five O’clock on Friday: Dogs Are Too Good For Us Edition

Big Brother Bans Menthols

Military Monday: Droppin’ Bombs Edition

Military Monday: The Reason They Do It Edition

LeBron James is a jerk, pass it on

(Article) Tiananmen Square

(Article) Species of the Political Compass

Unrest in Minneapolis – Justified Unrest or Looting

You Ain’t Black

Military Monday – Memorial Day Edition

Joe Biden Is As Bright As Midnight

Obamagate in 500 Words (Article)

Dear Nancy, Please Retire (Article)

Clown World: Voter ID Laws Are Racist But Vaccination Cards Are Okay

Best Memes This Week: “Dear Nancy, Please Retire” Edition

Kayleigh McEnany Versus the Fake News In the Age of Coronavirus and Joe Biden Rape Allegations

Vote Blue No Matter Who

Another Round of Tara Reade Memes

Make Way for More Coronavirus Memes

Best Memes This Week: We’re All Socialists Now

The Drinking Bleach Fallacy (Article)

102 Terrifying and Hysterical Murder Hornet Memes

World’s Biggest and Most Hilarious Collection of Coronavirus Memes

Come Sniff These Coronavirus Memes

Reopen America!

Spread These Memes, Not the Virus

Gestapo Gretchen Can’t Quarantine These Memes!

The Democrats Rejected Socialism. Almost.

Make Your Own Memes

Best Memes This Week: Habanero Pepper Edition

We Did. You know. The Thing? On Joe Biden.

North Korean Memes Suitable for the Marshal of the Republic, the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un

Believe All Women. Except Tara Reade

Some Extra Hot Coronavirus Memes

Joe Biden Is A Clown. Change My Mind.

Don’t Be a #COVIDiot

34 Memes that Prove Joe Biden is More Court Jester than National President

Quarantining Our Rights Away

President Trump’s Letter to Chuck Schumer is Comedy Gold

Best Memes this Week: At Quarantine’s Peak Edition

Yet ANOTHER round of coronavirus memes

Bye Bye, Bernie!

Military Monday: Bob on the FOB

Highly Infectious Coronavirus Memes

Best Memes This Week: Exposing Liberal Bias in Media

User-Submitted Memes: Joe Biden Staring Out the Window

Democrats Are Right: Donald Trump Cheats in Elections. Here’s How to Stop Him

Exposing the Liberal Bias in Media

Our Tribute to Barack Obama

Five O’clock on Fridays: Crude Oil Edition

These Memes May or May Not Cure COVID-19

Best Memes This Week: Jester Joe

Big Memes and Big Quotes About Big Government

Even More Coronavirus Memes

I’m on Team Joe!

Let’s Laugh At Socialism

Another Round of COVID-19 Memes

Flatten the Coronavirus Curve

TDS in Tattoo Form

Arm Yourself With These Awesome 2A Facts and Memes

Military Monday: A Special Thank You To Military Spouses and Children

Best Memes This Week: Pour Yourself A Quarantini Edition

More Joe Biden Memes!

Military Monday: Ride The Lightning Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: A Dose of Wholesome Edition

Ice Cold Corona… Virus

Military Monday: Need An Awesome Dog? Edition

Facebook’s “Fact Checkers” Get Fact Checked

Buy A Gun, Stupid

Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

The Virus Was Made in China

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Let’s Get Some Laughs Edition

Military Monday: USS Theodore Roosevelt Edition

Best Memes This Week: Scratching the Surface Edition

Quarantined And Bored: Amazingly Talented Teens

Quarantined And Bored: Self Improvement Seminar

Quarantined And Bored: Sports Greats

Ol’ Sleepy Joe

Military Monday #15

Quarantined And Bored: Enter The Tiger King

More Coronavirus Memes!

Military Monday: Still Gettin’ Shit Done Edition

Best Memes This Week: Cuba is Bernie’s Socialist Paradise Edition

Quotes from the Great Margaret Thatcher

Some Odd Statues and TV Characters, Unfair Athletic Advantages, and My Inability to Pretend It’s Not What It Obviously Is

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Memes

Military Monday: Simply Amazing

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Dogs Are Too Good For Us Edition

The Freshest Memes

Great Anti-Socialism Quotes

Best Memes This Week: Iron Lady Edition

Life In Bernie Sanders’ Cuba

Ilhan Omar Is Proud of Everything Except Being An American

And More Adam Schiff Memes

Ben Shapiro Quotes

Best Memes This Week: YUGE WEEK Edition

Military Monday: The Greatest Leaders Edition

James Woods Is Back on Twitter

Left or Right? How Do Your Views Line Up With Each Side on the Six Most Controversial Issues of the Day?

Liberal Ghouls

Go Woke, Go Broke

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Earth Porn and Cigars

The King Returns!

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Shower Thoughts and Beer

Don’t Let Benghazi Fade

Tear It Up, Nancy!

Best Memes This Week: Acquitted and Exonerated

Special Guests At the State of the Union

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Miami Edition

The Biggest Single Page of Hillary Clinton Memes on the Internet

War Against Iran? Sure! But What Will We Do After Lunch?

Virginia Gun Rights Rally: Perfect Execution

Best Memes This Week: Cleaning and Fixing Edition

Babylon Bee is Being Called Out By CNN and Snopes for Being Fake News

How You Can Help Defeat Censorship of Conservatives

Want More AOC Memes?

Military Monday: Space Force Has Landed Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Let It Snow!

Are We Still Pretending Rachel Maddow Is A Journalist?

Best Memes This Week: Melania and Ivanka Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: First Weekend of the Decade

We Are Past Due in Delivering Ilhan Omar Memes

EducatingLiberals’ Twitter Feed Is Pure Gold!

Military Monday: LoLing at Iran Edition

AOC is Even Dumber Than You Think

Greta Thunberg Is The Most Annoying Person of 2019

Lion Ted Cruz

Best Memes This Week: Clowns and Goblins Edition

Linda Sarsour Is Someone You Need To Know All About

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Derping Hard

The Clowns of D.C.

Our Original Memes, Created By A Backyard Fire, Fueled by Whisky & Cigars

Parenting Done Right

Forget Greta, These Kids Are Making A Real Difference

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Fine Cigars Edition

Is That A Boogaloo On The Horizon?

AOC Is A Meme Machine

Military Monday: LOLing at Iran

Stop the Censorship And Join Us On Patreon

Your Favorite Memes of 2019

Five O’Clock on Friday: Dirty Minded Edition #2

Best Memes This Week: Virginia Boogaloo Edition

What Do You Know About Hunter Biden?

Military Monday: Skipper Edition

Five O’Clock on Fridays: First Weekend of the Decade Edition

And Another Facebook Suspension!

Best Memes This Week: Impotent Impeachment Hearings Edition

The Incomparable Melania Trump

First Daughter Ivanka Trump

December 7th, 1941 – A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

Our Best Original Memes from 2019

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Myles Garrett Is A Bum Edition

President Trump Releases Transcript of His First Phone Call with Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy

Glaring Facts About the Trump Impeachment Hearings

Socialism Fails Every Time

Shifty Adam Schiff

Myles Garrett Is A Bum!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Dumber Than You Think!

Black Americans Abandon the Democratic Party

Advanced Cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jeffrey Epstein Mega Post

Four of President Obama’s Biggest Scandals

Veteran’s Day 2019

Joy Behar is Rude and Nasty

Five O’Clock on Friday: Pizza and Puppies Edition

A Summary of the Hong Kong Protests

Best Memes this Week: Free Hong Kong Edition

Women Walk Away from the Democratic Party

While We Were Watching the Impeachment Proceedings…

Military Monday #13

Best Memes this Week: Al Baghdadi Edition

Washington Post Death Notices

Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killed

Mitt Romney’s Secret Identity: Pierre Delecto!

Military Monday: Ready. Aim. FIRE! Edition

Five O’Clock on Friday: Halloween 2019 Edition

The Absolute Scariest Real Life Pumpkins

Best Memes This Week: LeBron James IS A Bum Edition

The Infamous “KoiGate,” “Hands Up Don’t Shoot,” and Other Examples of Fake News

Military Monday #12

Commie the Pooh Dunks on LeBron James

D.C. Halloween in 2019

Hillary Clinton is Thinking About Running in 2020

Five O’Clock on Friday #7

We’re Thankful for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Best Memes This Week: Banned Edition

Military Monday #11

Five O’Clock on Friday: Pacific Northwest Edition

Thursday Randomness #8

Gun Confiscation is the Worst Idea in American Political History

Military Monday: Khaki Ball Edition

Kamala Harris is the Worst Candidate Since Cory Booker

More Elizabeth Warren Memes!

Five O’Clock on Fridays: Dirty Minds Edition

Did Someone Say Guns?

Impeach Deez Memes!

Thursday Randomness #7

Military Monday #10

Five O’Clock on Friday: “The Office” Edition

The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

Thursday Randomness #6

Rated “M” for MAGA

Military Monday #9

A Brief History on the Global Warming and Climate Change Hoax

The Christine Blasey-Ford Saga

Five O’Clock on Friday: NFL Edition

The Iconic MAGA Hat

Thursday Randomness: Everett Edition

Military Monday #6

Border Wall Mega Post!

Independence Day 2019

Voter ID: The Best Racist Idea Ever!

Military Monday: Heavy Armor Edition

Five O’Clock on Friday #6

Thursday Randomness: Golden State Edition

But They Just Want Jobs

Military Monday #8

Finish the Wall Part 2

Five O’Clock on Friday: Taco Edition

Thursday Randomness: Locked and Loaded Edition

Race Relations in America

Military Monday #7

James Woods’ Best Tweets

Finish the Wall Part 1

Military Monday: Navy SEAL Edition

Hope Still Exists for Our Colleges and Universities

Military Monday: Infantry Edition

Five O’Clock on Friday #5

Ben Carson in 2024?

Thursday Randomness: Religion of Peace Edition

D-Day in Photos. Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Greatest Amphibious Assault in History

The “Tolerant” Left

The First Vegan President

Military Monday #5

Socialism Works* (*In the Land of Make Believe)

Thursday Randomness #5

President Donald Trump Photoshops

The Religion of Peace: Is It Compatible With the West?

Thursday Randomness #4

Candace Owens Quotes

The Forrest Gump Meme

Five O’Clock on Friday #3

Mueller Report Failed – Again

Memorial Day 2019

Thursday Randomness #3

Amy Coney Barrett

Military Monday: Boot Camp Edition

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mega Post

Thursday Randomness #2

“Creepy” Joe Biden

Jordan Hunt, A.K.A. “Cuck Norris”

Even More AOC Memes

Amy Schumer

Military Monday #3

2A is 2Awesome

Sig Sauer Releases MK-25 Pistol to Honor Medal of Honor Recipient and US Navy SEAL, Britt Slabinski

The Great Ron Swanson

Five O’Clock on Friday

Trump Derangement Syndrome – It’s Real!

Chuck Schumer

Military Monday #2

Liberal Hypocrisy on Guns

More Hillary Clinton Memes

Myths vs Gun Facts

Military Monday: Navy Corpsman Edition

Feminazis on the March

“Auntie” Maxine Waters

Robert Francis O’Rourke: A Primer on the Emptiest Suit Since Jimmy Carter

President Trump as the Queen of England

MAGA Hat Memes

We Love Our Guns

Military Monday

Bernie Sanders Entered the Race

More Social Justice Warriors, Heavy on the Neckbeards

The Jussie Smollett Hoax

Kamala Harris Entered the Race

Al Sharpton

Green New Deal Was Dead on Arrival

More AOC Memes

NFL Stars Quotes

Nathan Phillips and the MAGA Kid

Ronald Reagan Quotes

Your Flight’s Cancelled, Nancy

Obama’s Stance on Islamic Terror

Jim Acosta

Colin Kaepernick

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Conservative Celebrities

Antifa, OWS, and Other Clowns

Talk Radio Hosts

Nancy Pelosi

Government Shutdown 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders

Socialists Take the House

Build the Wall

Christmas 2018

President BJ Clinton

SECDEF James Mattis

The NPC Meme

Stacking Up President Obama

California Governor Jerry Brown

Elizabeth Warren

The Migrant Caravan

President Donald Trump

Gun Rights

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Hillary Clinton – Our First Post