Guinea pigs

To those who received the vaccine at the very beginning, you have my deepest sympathies and I pray that you are among those who avoid the side effects. To those who did it after the data came out and called us conspiracy theorists, a danger to society, and all that other nasty stuff - you... Continue Reading →

Can we talk about this now?

Objectively look at the data - both sides - and then make your decision. It doesn't protect you nor does it significantly reduce symptoms if you catch it, but is the most likely culprit in tens of thousands of "unexplained deaths." It's fair to say it's more risk than benefit - and the left is... Continue Reading →

Politics over safety (with links!)

Here's what they're doing in Europe: (Headlines copied and pasted below, link is to the actual article) Forbes: Germany, France Restrict Moderna’s Covid Vaccine For Under-30s Over Rare Heart Risk—Despite Surging CasesABC News: Scandinavians curb Moderna shots for some younger patientsBritish Medical Journal: Covid-19: Sweden, Norway, and Finland suspend use of Moderna vaccine in young... Continue Reading →

It’s this simple: *IF* your child gets COVID, it will likely have almost ZERO effect on them. On the other hand, the “vaccine,” is extremely new so there’s no long term data on what effects it has, studies show it only works a little bit and only for a few days, and, even if you don’t believe them, there’s tons of stories about it causing severe reactions, even death, after taking it. So, here’s the question for dad and mom: Why tf would you do that to your son or daughter?