Deadly Sin Month

Regardless what the liberals say, it’s not that their sexual activities are different than the majority of us, it’s that they flaunt it and demand you participate and condone it by giving them attention, attending their events, and more. I’m sorry, but I honestly don’t care what you […]

People that consider themselves “political independents” need to wake up and realize one simple thing: There’s no such thing as “left” and “right” anymore, with just a few people on the far fringes of each.

It’s “extreme left” and everyone else. Granted, the right has some crazies as well, but it’s not like the left where you can never be extreme enough. They’re a parody of themselves and our enemies are laughing at how we’re letting them destroy our nation to avoid them […]

In a word, NO.

Right now, a recruit can be denied entry because he has flat feet and custom inserts are too much of a burden for the military medical system. But another guy who wants to turn his penis into a vagina, along with years of hormone therapy, facial reconstruction surgery, […]