In a word, NO.

Right now, a recruit can be denied entry because he has flat feet and custom inserts are too much of a burden for the military medical system. But another guy who wants to turn his penis into a vagina, along with years of hormone therapy, facial reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation surgery, and assignment to non-demanding... Continue Reading →

Just a meme, but seriously

Preying on children is not going to end well. And even if you're genuinely trying to help LGBT children, their parents see it as the actions of a predator, so actions like Drag Queen Story Hour are not going to work out in your favor. So, just stop. Please. Find another way that isn't this.... Continue Reading →

Tulsi Gabbard is 100% right on this one

Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard introduced a bill banning biological males from competing in women's sports. Although it may be an overreach of government to reach into sporting rules, this is the type of common sense governing we need, whether from the right or left.

Here is how I would answer:

Sorry, sir, but I don't play these games. You're a sick man and you need medicine, not for me to affirm your beliefs. I believe it's cruel for me to perpetuate your fantasy, the same way that I wouldn't tell an anorexic woman she is fat, or a schizophrenic that I too see his delusions.... Continue Reading →

Notice the deception?

First, the books aren't banned if they're being sold. All the books that conservatives Second, none of the books on this table are "banned" in schools. Liberals flood the list of "books to be banned in schools" with classic literature in order to point at them and say, "conservatives want to ban "To Kill a... Continue Reading →