Sorry, Brandon, but we’re not really scared of a runny nose, even if it comes with a cough.

We've all had a cold, jackass, and calling every single new iteration of it "the deadliest ever" isn't going to change things because you overplayed your hand. Also, we're more concerned about myocarditis than we are of a cold, so you can store those vaccines where your brain is - right up your backside!

Remember in November

They made us close our businesses and now they're inflating the economy by printing money and shutting down domestic energy production. Remember in November that all of our woes can be laid neatly at the Democrats' feet.

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Let’s walk the dog on this one

COVID-19 has a survival rate of 99.6 to 99.996%, depending on how it's calculated and who is doing the math. Of those few deaths, the vast majority are in the elderly or those with serious co-morbidities such as autoimmune conditions, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other serious illnesses. The younger you are, the safer you are... Continue Reading →

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