Stacking Up President Obama – 11 memes and images

The left idolizes President Obama and claim he’s the best we’ve had since Lincoln (who was a Republican, by the way!).  However, how well does he actually stack up?

Not as… athletic as President George W. Bush
Failed in the Middle East
He certainly didn’t instill fear in Russia like President Kennedy did.
President Kennedy wouldn’t even recognize him as what Democrats used to be.
Failed to live up to expectations of the black community
Average unemployment cut to less than half by President Trump in 2 years
More concerned with social justice than actual advancements
Undid decades of advancements for the sake of his agenda
and let’s not forget the multiple military failures throughout his time in office.

He doesn’t stack up very well compared to former American Presidents.  However, compared to other world leaders…

Russian President Vladmir Putin compared to President Obama.  No caption necessary.

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