Some Glaring Facts About the Trump Impeachment

The impeachment proceedings are well underway and even though each side is declaring victory, a few things are blatantly obvious, but being ignored by one side or the other because it’s not what they want to see. Here’s some eye openers for everyone, regardless of which way you swing politically.

Democrats Goal: Talking Points for the 2020 Election

The chances of actually remove Donald Trump from office lie somewhere between slim and none. Democrats are hoping for a miracle so they can actually remove him from office, but the fact is that they’re banking on all of the free media publicity about a Republican being impeached to propel them to victories around the country in 2020. Here’s a couple of quotes from prominent Democrats stating this exact thing:

Democratic Candidates Are Using the Cover From the Impeachment to Push Far Left Agenda to Primary Voters

Everyone is familiar with the tactics of running to the far left or far right during the primaries, and then to the center for the general election. Well, how far left would a candidate run if the media was focused on the impeachment? How much would they promise to their base in order to win the nomination at the expense of the entire nation if they weren’t going to be held accountable for it later? Below are some examples of what they’re trying to do, but there’s plenty more. Click on any of the next five images for a full page of what’s been going on while we were all distracted.

It’s Uniting the Republican Base

As the impeachment proceedings drag on, they’re becoming much more unpopular among independent voters, and extremely unpopular among Republicans. Democrats took a gamble that, along with media collusion, they’d be able to stir up a civil war among Republicans and turn independents towards their side. Unfortunately, the American people aren’t buying the impeachment garbage and uniting behind the President.

Another unintended consequence was the quick abandonment of support for any Republican who didn’t support the President. One great example is Mitt Romney, now ex-communicated from the Republican Party for his “Pierre Delecto” scheme. The next six memes are some of the better Pierre Delecto images we have, but click on any of them for a link to a full page of these memes highlighting the dumbest political move ever done by Mitt Romney.

King RINO, Mitt Romney, A.K.A. Pierre Delecto

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