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You’ve been hearing about the soaring stock market under President Trump but are you investing in it? Do you refuse to pay $5, $9 or even more per transaction through a traditional stock broker?

Well, with the Robinhood app on iPhone and Android you don’t have to. All trades are commission free which means that you can sell or buy as many times as you want and never pay a single penny for the privilege. And if you’re new to investing, use their tutorial and investor tools to look up information before making any sales or purchases.

Use our link to Robinhood by clicking here or on the image below and get take advantage of their current offers:

  • Simply enter your data and create an account and get a FREE stock just for signing up. You have a 1 in 150 chance of getting a share of Facebook (current value $219), a share of Microsoft (current value $162), or a share of JPMorgan Chase (current value ($139)
  • You don’t need to put any money in your account, you just need to open the account to get your free stock. Yes, you can sell it and keep the money (details on their website)

Remember, investing is a risk that includes losing your capital. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing.

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