Robert Francis O’Rourke – A Primer on the Emptiest Suit Since Jimmy Carter

Who is he?

Robert Francis O’Rourke is a former 3-term Congressman from El Paso. His real name is Robert Francis O’Rourke but panders to his constituents as he goes by the name “Beto” because it has a Hispanic sound. His shtick is that he’s a man of the people but the truth is that he’s just bamboozling the people of El Paso into voting for him. We’ll refer to him as O’Rourke because we are adults who don’t play the identity politics game. We’ve seen this act before in Elizabeth Warren and the truth is that O’Rourke is almost as white.

What is his background?

O’Rourke is the very wealthy grandson (net worth between $5M and $10M) of former Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth. His mother owned a successful furniture store in El Paso and his father was a judge and city councilman. He portrays himself as the “little guy,” the anti-Trump which is pretty amusing considering that his wife is the only daughter of a billionaire real estate agent who is approximately two to three times wealthier than Donald Trump.

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If the wealth of the family isn’t enough to portray the hypocrisy of his anti-Trump rhetoric, how about the fact that O’Rourke was arrested for both burglary and drunk driving but got off with barely any penalties, an outcome that very well could have come from his family connections?

Let’s repeat that: The “anti-Trump” candidate is a millionaire himself who married a potentially soon-to-be multi-billionaire wife. The O’Rourke family is virtually guaranteed be about two to three times wealthier than the Trump family. It’s also very possible that family connections allowed O’Rourke to get out of significant punishments or jail time.

What has he accomplished on a national level?

Not much. His greatest accomplishment is losing a Senate race to Ted Cruz in 2018 and wasting $70M of his donor’s money on a campaigned centered around his personality instead of his policies because… well, he’s an empty suit, just like it says in the title. Like the meme above says, Beto O’Rourke is like the Cleveland Browns of politics.

Liberals: “He skateboards and was in a band. Oh, and he dabs! Let’s elect him!”

Conservatives: “Umm… Can we at least discuss policy?”

What did he accomplish in El Paso?

To his credit, he did have some involvement in renovating a portion of El Paso’s downtown district where he and the city used eminent domain laws to seize property and improve it. However, there’s strong evidence that many of the developers used by the city had ties to councilman O’Rourke. Could this be part of the reason a councilman from a relatively small-to-medium sized city is a multi-millionaire? Well… they’re just allegations, but it is odd.

What are his goals?

O’Rourke’s campaign goals are to become the Vice-Presidential candidate under either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. His campaign promises as a Senate candidate were essentially copied and pasted from Bernie Sanders.

Why is he so well liked by some Democrats?

He’s like toast. It’s hard to dislike something so bland. He’s got some degree of charisma and that’s what his supporters point to. There’s a video of him skateboarding outside of a Whattaburger, and he was in a punk rock band, and he was also involved in a hacking group known as the “Cult of the Dead Cow” where he would share punk rock music with other teenagers. It’s all fluff with no meat. When you get into his actual politics, there’s just nothing substantive, and what he used to strongly support or be against, he’s now against. For example, O’Rourke’s support of reinstating the draft and making national service mandatory for all young men didn’t sit well with his constituents so he came out against HIS OWN proposal less than 24 hours later!

Robert Francis O’Rourke is a fraud and a hoax. His campaign and popularity are fueled only by his personality and he’ll be destroyed by the other Democrats in the debates. His only hope at returning to Washington is to be the #2 on someone else’s ticket, somenoe who is hoping that O’Rourke’s popularity will gain them the youth vote over their peers for the Democratic nomination.

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Robert O’Rourke goes by the name “Beto.” He says it’s a nickname given to him in childhood that just stuck. The truth that he won’t admit is that his congressional district has a huge Mexican population and he wants to pander them with a nickname that they’ll find appealing, hoping that they won’t notice that Robert Francis is a third generation Irish American who is almost as white as Elizabeth Warren.

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