Reopen America! (Article)

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Our great nation is starting down the long path towards reopening, with two distinct schools of thought characterized by all of the states under Republican control being either fully open or far along the reopening path and all of the states controlled by Democrats remaining shut, citing safety concerns and fears of a “second wave” of infection.

The conservative principles on this are simple: Give business owners the freedom to choose whether to open their stores or not. Let American consumers decide whether they want to take the calculated risk of going to restaurants and theaters, or if they want to remain in isolation.

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The left is pushing the narrative that as soon as everything opens all the malls will look like a Walmart on a Black Friday. They believe that Americans are a bunch of rubes that will swarm the nearest Olive Garden or Ruby Tuesday and set off a coronavirus Armageddon, that we need the government to contain it’s citizens for their own safety because they’re not smart enough to do it for themselves.

Conservatives believe that Americans should have the freedom to make the decision to go out based on their individual comfort level. Some might just say “Nope. I’m staying in no matter what, it’s just not safe.” Those who do want to go out will weigh the benefits and hazards of going out for pizza against the risks at home, is eating that pizza in the dining room worth risking bringing a coronavirus infection home to grandma or to a pregnant wife or daughter? Meanwhile, the business owner gets to have increased revenue with which to possibly increase their delivery or take out options and maybe cater to those people who are willing to leave their houses but not brave enough to eat in the restaurant’s dining room.

Liberals want to keep us home and give us thousands of dollars a month in bribes to keep us placated. It sounds good on the surface but the reality is that it’ll have huge ramifications down the line in terms of our national debt, create a need to implement permanent taxes to pay for it once the economy does open, and the businesses that are barely hanging on now will be closed for good.

What conservatives believe is that we need to remove all government restrictions. What would be best for the country is to open it back up and let Americans get back to work. We don’t need our own money back in tax dollars to survive, what we need is to earn our own money and to circulate that money through a free and open economy.

If the government really wants to help they can do so by cutting taxes. Imagine the good that can be done without paying so much in state and federal taxes. Imagine if we furloughed payroll taxes and income taxes, which are illegal anyways, instead of employees.

Liberals say that this will force the sick and elderly to re-enter society before it’s safe for them to do so, endangering their lives for the sake of our economy.

The rebuttal to this is that the economy can be reopened with little danger to these groups. Many of the elderly are already on social security or other similar fixed income programs where this won’t affect them. Likewise, the sick have their diagnosis already and it would be easier and cheaper to set these few up with government assistance so that they don’t need to return to work prematurely.

We need to remember that the liberal’s plan is to spend trillions on free money to every American, additional government bailouts, and then a prolonged, nearly impossible reopening process in the future because many more businesses will be forever closed because they were sheltered for so long.

Liberals know these things and they know that they don’t make sense. The case is obvious. So what are they really trying to do? You’ll have to make the decision for yourself, but we at thefunnyconservative.com believe politics is the real driving force behind their actions so far and proposals going forward for these three reasons:

Mail in ballots will allow them to cheat in November

There’s mountains of evidence of the left cheating in elections using mail in and absentee ballots. Polls also show a huge shift in support for Voter ID laws as well for the President. So what would Democrats do? Well, cheat even more is the easy answer. Removing all in-person voting requirements allows them to manufacture as many votes as needed to secure their wins in this next election. They can’t have a calling for eliminating in person ballots when schools, stores, bars, and restaurants are open.

Keeps Joe Biden out of the public

Joe Biden is a dumpster fire of a candidate. Seven women have come forward with credible allegations of sexual assualt claims. He can barely articulate a full thought, and it’s painfully obvious he’s reading someone else’s words from a teleprompter on his “live” events on the website. They’re making a calculated move to keep this buffoon off the campaign trail because eeping America closed gives them an excuse to not have him do speeches, to not have him on live TV without the teleprompters.

Crashing the economy hurts Trump

Donald Trump was certain to win the election in November with the momentum of a booming economy added to the left’s humiliating defeat at the end of the impeachment and collusion investigations. If millions are unemployed and people’s life savings are gone, his biggest claim to fame is erased. People looking at their 401k will be in panic and the left has already launched a campaign to blame it all on Trump.

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