Race Relations in America

Racial strife in the United States is at the lowest it’s ever been, at least if you ask people who are in the middle or right sides of the political spectrum. With overall unemployment at the lowest rates in decades, and black and Hispanic unemployment at their lowest rates in history, those of us who aren’t beholden to the far left are too busy working and enjoying the fruits of our robust economy to even think about racial differences.

If you interview the right people though, you’ll hear that racial tensions are at an all time high, that the Donald Trump administration has ushered in an era where white supremacists don’t have to hide, and that what used to be veiled racism is now overtly displayed. The truth is that the far left’s policies are out of touch with the average American’s values and their response is to call everyone who disagrees with them racist and hateful. This tactic applies even to matters that seemingly have nothing to do with race, including climate change, healthcare, and whether or not the federal government should pay for everyone’s college education.

Racism Against Whites Is Okay!

Not everything is racist, though. In what would be hilarious satire if it wasn’t tragically factual, you can literally say anything against white people, especially white males, and not be called racist. In fact, you might even be called a hero. Here at TheFunnyConservative.com we believe that this is the height of hypocrisy and is easily one of the most racist things our nation has ever done because it’s not only accepted, but actually endorsed by many in “leadership” position.

Our challenge to you: Swap out “white” for any other race and if it’s racist to one race, it’s racist to another. The bad news is that if you thought it was okay to say against whites but changed your mind when you applied the comment to another race, you’re subconsciously racist. This post is full of this, but here are some specific examples of anti-white racism to illustrate the point:

Imagine the outrage if this was a white male giving a speech about the “Plague” of black people.
Imagine this: Only white reporters, and instead of a mayoral race, it was for President Trump.

Let’s Play: “Is This Racist?”

President Donald Trump is the big loser in the left’s attack on race relations. While the rest of the nation is enjoying the economy that he’s overseeing, he’s being unfairly labeled a racist for the policies he’s implemented, oftentimes by people he was friendly or even friends with prior to being elected!

Signing the “First Step Act” in to law. Prison reform has long been a goal of the black community.
With the mother of a fallen police officer who was slain in the line of duty.
Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, was close with President Trump before the election. Afterwards, when asked to attend the inauguration in order to help fight the left’s propaganda against the President, Jackson refused saying, “I’m not going to fix his image.” Note that Trump didn’t have an image problem before running for office.

Sometimes there’s worse things than being a white male. If you’re a black celebrity and you publicly stray from the far left talking points, you’re an Uncle Tom and should be ashamed. Kanye West has been dragged through the mud, smearing him for daring to think differently.

We’ll end this post with some great quotes by Candace Owens, one of the stars of the conservative movement. Each image below is a link to a full page dedicated to Ms. Owens, a favorite among those of us here at thefunnyconservative.com

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