Quarantining Our Rights Away

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The biggest casualties from the coronavirus pandemic are our Constitutional rights. Democrat governors around the country are on a full on assault and the media has us too terrified from an overhyped virus to put up a fight.

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Mandatory Stay At Home Orders

Americans are a great people and we genuinely care for one another. If the government explain the reasoning for why we should stay at home and asks us to socially disantance from each other, we will gladly stay at home out of love for our fellow countrymen.

However, if the government tells us to stay home, there’s going to be some problems. Especially if you do it the way that Democrat Governors Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer did it in California and Michigan, outlawing the use of motorboats, not letting families travel between homes for families that own more than one, and not letting people gather who belong to different households.

These restrictions don’t even pass the most lenient of common sense checks. For example, isn’t a person or a family on a motorboat in a lake or river practicing the most extreme of social distancing? A family with separate homes could split between two homes, allowing for one member who is sick or symptomatic to weather out the illness without endangering the others. Not to mention that splitting the time between separate homes makes isolation much easier as the same four walls get old after a while.

But the principle of the matter isn’t the details of social distancing, it’s whether the government has the right to force us to socially isolate. In a word, no. We need to balance the public benefit against the necessity to keep our civil freedoms and with a disease with such a low mortality rate, it’s not even worth having the discussion.

No one is advocating for an immediate return to normalcy. Despite us denouncing this government overreach, we at thefunnyconservative.com are fully in favor of social distancing and quarantining ourselves, but we are also wanting the right to be able to travel between multiple houses within a state, between different states, and to use our boats if we wanted to. If I decide that my family members are healthy or that my neighbors are healthy, it should be my decision, not Gretchen Whitmer’s, whether I can have them over for lunch.

And after our freedoms are restored, and from our homes where we’re still under voluntary quarantine but with the freedom to leave our homes, we need to start formulating a plan to get rid of these tyrants in the next election.

Second Amendment Suspended

The left has been itching to cancel our right to bear arms for decades and they finally seized an opportunity with the coronavirus. Led by tyrants like Ralph Northam in Virginia, this unprecedented power grab is spreading to other states as we speak, including Illinois and Pennsylvania, among others.

There is no correlation between a viral illness and having weapons. Think about it: What does an influenza-like illness have to do with owning a Glock or Sig Sauer?

In fact, with social isolation in place, there’s even more of a reason to have a weapon. When you factor in that police departments nationwide have reduced patrols, it makes it even more of a necessity to be able to defend yourself.

The National Conversation We Need To Have

After the coronavirus has subsided and most everyone’s fears are assuaged, the discussion we NEED to have is how so many of us immediately rolled over on our backs and let this happen. Now that governors know how easily the majority of us gave up our rights, what’s to stop them from doing it again at the slightest hint of a public health situation?

We need to talk about the quickest way to revoke these mandatory quarantine laws and return ourselves to a nation of freedom. When things are calm and we’re rationally thinking again we need to consider passing laws to limit these ridiculous “emergency powers.”

The fear mongers on the left need to be taught that rights cannot be suspended. Our rights come from God and cannot be taken away by some jackass in our state capitols. Our nation needs to relearn the difference between rights and privileges. We have forgotten that the most important time to stand up for our rights is during a time of crisis when the forces of tyranny are trying their hardest to take them from us.

And then the most important conversation we need to have is how to get Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, and Ralph Northam out of office.

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