Quarantined and Bored: Sports Greats

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If you’re stuck at home and bored, we’ve got you covered with some great video collections to help pass the time.

If you’re like us, one of the things that you miss the most during the quarantine is being able to unwind on a weekend and watch some sports. We can’t even go play golf! Well, we figured you’d appreciate a collection of some awesome sports moments.

8 Most Arrogant Larry Bird Moments

Larry Bird was ahead of his time and while he’s arguably in the top five players of all time, he’s undoubtedly the best trash talker of all time and that’s why we love him here at thefunnyconservative

Top 50 Barry Sanders Plays

The GOAT. Defensive players would have nervous breakdowns the day before playing Barry Sanders and this video tells you why.

Michael Jordan’s Top 50 Plays

He’s in a league of his own. MJ is the best that’s ever played, and he played in an era where the sport was a lot more physical than it is today. If he were playing today, he’d be even better. Lebron who?

Most Famous Home Runs in MLB History

Top 100 Golf Shots of 2019

I have never met someone who played their first round of golf and didn’t want to come try again. And again.

Mike Tyson – The Hardest Puncher in Boxing History

Dan Marino’s “Quick Release” Highlights

Baseball’s Unbelieveable Defensive Plays of 2019

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