President Trump as the Queen of England

Liberals get spun around the axle real quick. Remember when ANY joke, or even just a non-fully supportive comment of President Obama would launch them into the atmosphere with rage? Do you remember how a legitimate disagreement on a small issue would get you labeled a racist? Well, we conservatives don’t have that problem.

Here are some great pictures that I imagine some liberal spent hours upon hours creating, thinking it would infuriate the right. Personally, I think they’re hilarious and so would the vast majority of conservatives. So, to the unknown Photoshop champion who made these – Thank you!

We really know what the artist’s goal was when making these, but they’re fantastic! Any chance we can get more of these? Maybe President Trump Photoshopped as a boxer, knocking out Shmuck Schumer? Or President Trump as Batman defeating Alexandria Occasional-Cortex as the green villain known as Poison Ivy?

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