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We are now on our fourth account suspension in less than 3 months. We learned our lesson and have tried to diversify and put our content up on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, but the fact remains that Facebook is so powerful that a suspension from them absolutely kills your traffic and your income.

We had a great few months after launching our website with a simple idea: to post memes, videos, and short articles on the same exact articles that are dominating the news cycle but with a humorous, right wing tilt to the message. We were very successful, amassing over a million views a month after only a few months of being in business for doing nothing but posting up things that the American people actually agreed with, not junk that was dictated and demanded by the far left who control mainstream and social media.  We were having fun and making money, investing it all back into the website to grow it even faster, and life was good.  

Right after we hit a million views a month we drew the attention of the leftists who run these social media companies.  They must’ve been furious, thinking to themselves, “How dare these CONSERVATIVES use my social media site to push their radical, right wing agenda!”  We received Facebook suspension after suspension that lasted a week long at a time.  It got so ridiculous that at one point we didn’t post anything for a week and still got suspended.  

Yes, you read that right.  We literally got suspended for nothing.

This cost us lots of money, both in terms of actual money that we didn’t make, plus we don’t know how much we would be making per impression now, as it’s partially driven by momentum – your site has to have sustained viewership over time in order to have Google Adsense, or any of the advertising companies, increase the amount they pay per impression or click.

The ban was finally lifted when we deleted two months worth of work.  Literally thousands of posts, user comments, pictures, and links all had to go and replaced with a picture of a puppy and a message to whichever moderator visited our site that said that a picture of a puppy is all we’ve posted in 2 months, that if our suspension was extended again it was because Facebook hates puppies.  There was no traffic to the site so we stopped working on it, coming to the realization that all of the time spent putting up this great content was all wasted since no one was looking at it.  It was like a punch to the gut, the only post we put up in that time was this one here that talks about the 95% drop in viewers and how it affected our small “company.”  Our appeals were denied and all questions asking why it was that we got suspended were all ignored.  

Luckily, whoever that moderator was didn’t hate puppies and we were back in business.  We never had anything hateful or anti-whatever on our Facebook page or on our actual website because we’re not hateful people, but we still went out of our way to not post anything having to do with Islamic terrorists, LGBT activism, or anything remotely controversial.  Even though all of our posts were PG-13 at best, we still challenged each other to go on our own site to double and triple check each other.  Do you see the memes on this page? These do contain a middle finger or two, a few “adult words,” but we didn’t post anything like these on Facebook. Our Facebook page was now about as spicy as a vanilla milkshake, but since our posts were about what Americans were actually thinking and agreed with, our viewership and income went back up almost to pre-suspension levels. We thought we were in the clear, bought more computers, some photo editing software to make better memes and infographics, and were ready to get stuff done.

Sadly, on December 30th we got banned yet again.  No reason given. We asked several times through the appeals process, but we never got a reply other than to read their terms and conditions, that we violated one of them. Despite our best efforts to keep our page bland, someone got upset that we have a different opinion on something, complained about it, and we’re back to operating at a financial loss.  We went from virtually zero monthly reach to over 100,000 in about three weeks, but because of political censorship towards conservatives we’re back to where we were a month ago.

That’s why we created a Patreon account.  

Their unfair censorship is maddening.  Their lack of communication makes it painful.  We’ve asked the basic question of “What post are we getting suspended for?” so that we can remove it and avoid making the same mistake  in the future and it goes unanswered.  We have literally done everything we can to play by their rules. However, since they disagree with us politically, they refuse to even tell us what the rules are and suspend us so that they can silence us.

We’re asking you to be come one of our patrons and support us with donations, either one time or monthly, so that we can have a steady and dependable income stream.  If everyone who visits our site regularly supports us with just $3 a year we can keep operating without the surprise drop in income from random Facebook suspensions. In return, we’re going to continue spreading the conservative message, providing you one website with all the best articles, videos, memes, and news you’ll need.  We’re asking you to support us also as we expand what we’re currently doing, to help us in our future projects that we’re currently planning, including YouTube videos, Podcasts, and more.

It’s going to be great to watch this movement grow and we hope you come along for the ride.

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