Military Monday

What’s better than our nation’s military? Not much! That’s why we give them a weekly tribute to show our appreciation! Our most popular post ever – “Military Monday: US Navy Hospital Corpsman Edition” Click on any of the Navy Corpsman images below to see our most popular post […]

Shifty Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff has been scheming, leaking, and manipulating things behind closed doors in Washington for years. While on one hand we want to cheer him for pulling off an “Ocean’s Eleven” level hoax not once but TWICE, we also need to remind everyone that he’s screwing with our […]

Thursday Randomness

Crazy events: Hillary Clinton might run, Barack Obama is getting injected into the discussion, Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, Greta Thunberg just won’t go away… what a week! It’s resulted in another huge post so be patient while it loads. If you’re intrigued about the Jeffrey Epstein […]