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A look at Cuba through pictures and memes

The jewel of the Caribbean

The propaganda machine is finely tuned to make you believe Cuba is clean and the people are happy. Look at the bright colors, the beautiful sky, and the beautiful people.

The real Cuba

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda of beautiful beach scenes with college age kids frolicking; those are for their tourism campaigns which they depend on to support the communist party. The real Cuba is where the tourists aren’t allowed to go “for their safety,” but the reality is that the government doesn’t want you knowing the reality of how our neighbors are living.

Scroll down and know that this is what we’ll end up with if the Democrats get their way.

The healthcare system

Cuba’s healthcare system has three tiers:

The communist party has access to the best doctors, facilities, and equipment. This is only available to those high up in the communist party, but access can be “sold” for the right price.

Tourists who need care on the island have the middle tier system which is equivalent to what most countries have. Cuba also has a thriving “medical tourism” industry where people come to the island and pay for care that they wouldn’t be able to get in their home nations despite those nations usually having “universal care.” Basically, those nations aren’t as corrupt as Cuba and refuse to give someone more access to care simply because they have money.

The lowest tier is what the average Cuban gets. They do have access to doctors, but what good is that if they’re being seen in run down facilities, with non-functional equipment, and a shortage of medicine? The pictures below are of the “lower tier” facilities.

Fidel Castro and his firing squads

Fidel Castro is easily among the most evil men to have ever lived. It’s estimated that he’s murdered over 100,000 of his own citizens, but actual numbers are impossible to obtain due to the Cuban government purposely not tracking these statistics.

It all started with the Cuban Revolution that Castro started where he boasted of over 20,000 “rebels” dead (even though HE was the one leading the revolution!). When the international community replied with shock instead of praise, that number was quietly whittled down to 4,000 for the initial take over – not bad for overthrowing a country!

To this day the Cuban government routinely executes its citizens for disagreements with policy. The Cuban secret police is notorious for disappearing people, sometimes for as little as their children saying in school that their parents said something at home that wasn’t sufficiently supportive of the Castro regime.

There aren’t too many current pictures due to government control and censorship, but know that what you see in the section below goes on to this day, usually with firing squads, which were Fidel’s favorite.

The memes

Some are funny, and many are original made by this site. However, like most memes, they’re meant to elicit some thought and reflection, and hopefully trigger you to research the truth yourself. Here, we did it for you above: Cuba is a hell hole for anyone who isn’t directly connected to the communist party. Sadly, all attempts to implement a democratic government voted on by the people have been viciously and violently put down with all dissenters executed by firing squad.

So scroll down, enjoy the memes, but know that this is just another example of failed socialism that we should never import to the U.S.

Man executed in the street

This man likely committed a crime like saying his taxes were too high, or trying to hide jewelry from the government such as his grandmother’s earrings.

A “dead check,” likely ending with a final shot with the pistol.

Into the ditch!

Shooting people so that they fall into a ditch behind them is how the pros do it!

The memes

Memes are not only meant to make you laugh, but to also plant a seed; to make you think about an underlying truth that hopefully leads you to research the topic on your own.

A lot of information was presented above but please don’t think you’re an expert on Cuba or on socialism because of a few pictures and memes. Please take some time and read up on it yourself, but more importantly know that this is our future if we implement more socialist policies. It won’t happen in a week or a month or a year, because socialism is a slow poison, but it will happen. Remember that Cuba was once an economic rival, the equivalent of today’s Las Vegas or Atlantic City until Castro took over.

Ask the Venezuelans if you have any doubts.

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