Some Odd Statues and TV Characters, Unfair Athletic Advantages, and My Inability to Pretend It’s Not What It Obviously Is

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Whether it’s a sub-category of normal that doesn’t need medical attention, or a mental illness that requires medication and therapy, or just an attention seeking device, transgenderism is now front and center on the social stage.

My take on it is pretty simple and extremely libertarian: I do not care. Equality means that I care about a transgender’s sexual history as much as I care about a non-transgender’s sexual history, which is zero. Since I believe all Americans are equal, I take umbrage with the term “trans-American” because it implies that people put trans issues in front of American issues.

My only caveat to my stance on the issue is: Don’t expose my children to it. Until I’ve had enough conversations with them that I feel they understand it enough to be exposed to it, I don’t want them watching television shows with trans characters or with transgender themed commercials. I will shield them at home and I will only go to movies, museums, carnivals and street fairs that don’t have them on display or as a topic.

This doll should never have been made.

Jessica Yaniv

This is a transgender female (biological male) who wants to have sex with women, so she calls herself a lesbian.

Jessica made headlines when he went to a gynecologist’s office and demanded a vaginal check… ON HIS COCK AND BALLS. This social justice bullying is ridiculous and should upset everyone. In fact, I would support Jessica being arrested and serving time for attempted sexual assault.

My laissez-faire attitude is pretty popular among conservatives, and among mainstream Americans as well. Most of us simply don’t care one way or the other and only ask to live our lives without the interference of the LGBT community, the same way that the LGBT community has asked to be treated for decades. The only difference nowadays is that they’re not happy with simple equality; they DEMAND our attention and involvement in their issues. Simple tolerance and acceptance isn’t enough, they insist on your involvement and activism – you have to be involved! If you’re not on their parades with them, not displaying a rainbow flag on your Facebook page, etc. you’re a bigot

In fact, many believe that you not only have to accept them into your life, but into your bedroom as well. According to this article from The Spectator, you’re a hateful bigot if you refuse to date them.

So let me see if I have this correct: Even though you’ll never be able to procreate, which is the ultimate goal of romantic relationships, you need to suppress your instinct to mate or you’re a bigot?

Heaven forgive me, but I’ll never be able to pretend that it’s something other than a penis poking at me in the hip while I’m making out with a person who has a worse five o’clock shadow than I do, even if they are wearing lipstick and eye shadow.

Transgender Art

Transgender art is apparently pretty popular. I, personally, would never go, but it’s because I don’t care, not because I’m transphobic. Now, here’s the thing: I wouldn’t go to a museum to see naked “normal” bodies, either. It’s not that I’m bigoted against typical people, I just don’t care to see them naked.

The only difference is, I would take my young children to a standard museum where nudity is somewhat displayed, say, an inadvertent nipple slip on a Rembrandt. That can be explained without having to go into too much detail for an elementary school child. But, taking them to a museum featuring trans exhibits where the whole point is showing them nude is not something I’m willing to expose my children to, or want to explain to someone in elementary or school.

Buck Angel (left) is a transgender man (biological woman) who Marc Quinn (right) based his sculptures on.

Most Americans wouldn’t want to take their children to nudity displays anyways, so purposefully avoiding ones like these where not only nudity, but actual intercourse is the point of the exhibit, is probably an almost universal standard. In fact, I would go so far as to purposefully exposing a young child to these pornographic items is tantamount to child abuse.

A fair question at this point would be, “Would you go to this museum by yourself or with other adults?” My answer is a simple, “No.” This answer would probably cause the knee jerk reaction of calling me a bigot, but the truth is that I’m simply not interested in the cause or the movement, or in seeing random people naked. I, like most Americans, am treating transpeople with the same indifference that I treat non-transpeople.

Buck Angel is a rather interesting character. Check out these Podcasts that I had playing in the background while preparing this post.

Video: Buck Angel interviewed on the Joe Rogan Podcast

Video: Buck Angel’s Story

Transgender Sports

People with XY chromosomes should not compete against people with XX chromosomes. The Y chromosome brings with it certain advantages on the ball field that people with two XX chromosomes can’t come close to competing against at the same level.

The transgender argument of “I’m a woman because I feel like one” doesn’t extend to the bone density, muscle mass, and effects of lifelong exposure to higher levels of testosterone.

The common argument from the parents of trans-athletes is “My child should be excluded because you don’t want to speak with your child about how there’s different people in the world?” Well, there’s three main counter argument to this:

  1. “Why should my daughter spend hundreds of hours practicing, and me spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in coaching and equipment costs for your child to come in with an unbeatable advantage?”
  2. “If your child is so athletic, why don’t they compete in the male league?”
  3. “Why doesn’t this child compete in co-ed leagues?”
  4. “Why should I tell my daughter that no matter how much she practices and how good she actually is, she’ll never hold any of the records because she isn’t a male competing in a female sport?”

Regardless of how you feel on the transgender issue, the left is pushing the agenda hard. While the vast majority of us are fine with simple acceptance, they demand, and in some cases, deserve to be heard and acknowledged. On the other hand, though, why isn’t treating them as equals fair?

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