Obamagate In 500 Words (Article)

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Obamagate is the second biggest political scandal in history, right after the 2020 election fraud scheme, but it’s being either ignored by the major media outlets, or being made out to be so convoluted that it’s dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Here’s the simple breakdown, in approximately 500 words.

A Simple Start: Campaign Spying

The Obama White House thought for sure that Clinton would win, but they wanted to make it a blow out victory. So they allegly spied on Trump. That’s was the tiny but primary reason. It’s the cover up that’s the huge part.

Enter The Steele Dossier

The theory is that the Obamas and Clintons needed to manufacture a reason to spy, to justify using the nation’s intelligence agencies, primarily the FBI, to spy on a Presidential candidate’s campaign. The details are still unclear, but it seems to be that someone clearly laid out what would be needed to justify this.

A few weeks later the Steele Dossier comes around, paid for by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and used as the basis for the FBI to spy on Trump. The Steele Dossier said that Carter Page was a Russian agent and the link between Moscow and Trump.

Yes. The Democrats paid for a file on Trump that magically appeared in their laps with all of the things in the file that the FBI would need to launch a surveillance operation against Trump.

Remember, the Democrat National Party and the Republican National Party are private organizations, not official government entities.

FISA Warrants

The Steele file only allowed for initial surveillance. Extensions on this surveillance are obtained by filling out paperwork known as “FISA Warrants” and approved by a judge. The FBI filled out these warrants with fake information, saying they had information on Carter Page that didn’t exist, in order to get the FISA judges to approve them.

Now Enter Michael Flynn and His Unmasking

This part gets super confusing and it’s where the left seems to be doing the most damage in confusing the public about the whole thing.

Michael Flynn was an early member of the Trump administration and because he was actually in communication with Russia, he could’ve been dangerous in saying the truth, that there was no nefarious dealings with the Russians.

So he was targeted by the Obama administration and FBI. They found minor inconsistencies in his story, saying that he “left out portions” of his conversations with the Russians in his debriefs to Vice President Pence, and therefore guilty of perjury.

The “unmasking” refers to revealing his identity, which had to be done in order to protect the Obama administration and the Clintons, to shed some negative light on Trump and his administration, and to protect the image of the FBI because flynn was in position to blow the whole thing up by going public and telling the truth about his interactions with the Russians and Carter Page: It’s all above board, both legal and ethical.

Going Forward

If these allegations prove to be true, it’ll make Watergate seem as insignifcant as drama at your child’s school’s PTA.

It’ll be a government law enforcement agency being used by a political party to spy on their opponents.

The unmasking and silencing attempt of Michael Flynn, if Obama kenw about it, would be direct evidence of Obama and Biden knowing about the whole operation, and colluding with the Clinton campaign to help Clinton win in 2016.

There’s still a lot more that hasn’t been released yet and we’re all waiting. What we hope for is that now that you know the general specifics and highlights, you’ll see why it’s important to share articles and memes like these. We need to spread knowledge of what Obamagate is and demand that this be investigated fully, and that everyone who broke the law is held accountable, all the way to the President and beyond.

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