North Korean Memes Suitable for the Marshal of the Republic, the Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un

Yes, that is his official title, the “Marshal of the Republic, the Supreme Leader.”

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Link to video: North Koreans Try American BBQ for the first time

Watch the great reactions of people who try gold ol’ BBQ after essentially starving for their whole lives. It’s hard to support Pyongyang after trying Texas Brisket or some Memphis ribs. Click here or on the image below for the eye opening video.

Link to video: The Death of Kim Jong Il

At the time of publishing this post there is only speculation about what’s happened to Kim Jong Un. However, we would be watch videos like the one below that document what happened after the death of Kim Jong Il so we know what to expect if the current Kim actually did die in surgery. Click here or on the image below for a link to the video.

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