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President highlights economic prosperity during State of the Union speech

Declares that “the best is yet to come.

Donald Trump’s job approval rating at highest level ever

Pelosi shamed herself at SOTU Speech

Editorial: “Trump hits grand slam at State of the Union while Pelosi just looks sad

Pelosi couldn’t even applaud when a 4th grade girl, daughter of a single mother, received a scholarship

Ivanka Trump: ‘For us not to come together as a nation and celebrate America’s success is not forgivable

Meet the incredible Americans who were President Trump’s guests of honor at the SOTU
Rush Limbaugh announces he has “advanced stage lung cancer

Rush Limbaugh receives Presidential Medal of Freedom at Trump’s State of the Union address

President Trump and Michael Bloomberg spend millions trashing each other via Super Bowl ads

Ghoulish liberals Tweeting vile jokes MINUTES after his announcement

California husband and wife make 11 coronavirus patients in US

Rhode Island politicians who vote in favor of abortion are no longer allowed to take communion

SHOCKING: The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (37.3 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (30.5 percent)


Trump’s State of the Union address will be epic

Success is the best revenge: Trump will aim for “optimistic” SOTU address

Senate declined further witnesses, votes to be done with this fiasco by slim 51-49 margin

Senate expected to acquit on Wednesday

Lindsey Graham: Impeachment will only end when Democrats lose control of the House

Watch: Schiff says Trump would offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for help in 2020. He did it! Trump broke Schiff!


Democrats complete screw up Iowa caucuses

Gallup Poll shows nothing but bad news for Democrats in November

Ted Cruz Epic Trolling: “Dems can’t count their own votes and they want to run our healthcare?”

Biden limps into New Hamshire low on cash and lack of enthusiasm

The libertarian side of me 100% agrees: Bernie Sanders vows to legalize marijuana on his 1st day in office


At least 10 people– including American– test positive for coronavirus on cruise ship off Japan, 3,700 quarantined

Real data accidentally leaked in Wuhan virus

Actual whistleblower arrested in China for filming and releasing footage of vans being used to stack dead bodies, piles of dead bodies in hospitals.

Coronavirus positive man in Mexico takes ride in Uber, Uber responds by canceling hundreds of accounts to contain the spread

Beijing accuses Washington of fear lingering, exaggerated reports of status of virus

Breakthrough? Thailand declares patients “disease free” after treating with anti-flu and anti-HIV drugs

Mass stabbing in London by Islamic terrorist

England’s PM: “Very, very few Islamists can be rehabilitated. We need to be frank about that.

Audio reveals that Iranian officials knew they shot down civilian plane

Welcome to Clown World

Barbra Streisand says Adam Schiff would be a great President

CNN attacks Trump’s handling of coronavirus, says the people he appointed to find a path forward aren’t DIVERSE ENOUGH!

Step forward Women’s Rights under Sharia! Indonesiaallows for women to be flogged by other women

Here’s some more great facts about Sharia!

Stacy Abrams says she’ll be President by 2040

Clown World Essay Winner: Reminder: You can have different opinions than someone on the left, except that you really can’t. Otherwise, let’s be friends. But only if we agree.

CNN’s Don Lemon, famous for whining about “toxicity” blasts Trump and his supporters, calling them uneducated and illiterate. “It was almost like CNN was trying its best to create a clip Trump could use in an ad to win his second term.”

UNCW Replaces ‘Women’s Studies’ with ‘Gender Studies’ to Be ‘Inclusive’ of Transgenders

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