Nathan Phillips and the MAGA Kid

The mainstream media went crazy over the weekend with news article over a young teenager who reportedly disrespected a Native American elder during a peaceful protest. The reporting was all based on short, heavily edited video and they took an interview with Nathan Phillips as gospel, portraying him as a victim and the high school kids as pompous, arrogant white Americans.

The very next day, other videos were released that showed a completely different story: The kids were simply waiting for their bus when they were approached by two competing groups protesting in favor of leftist policies. The reason that the kids were targeted: Red MAGA hats.

Disney execs tweet about putting children in a wood chipper.

Yes, Disney. The company known for wholesome children’s movies.

On the third day, Nathan Phillips, was revealed to be as a liar regarding his status as a Vietnam veteran. He claimed to be a “recon ranger” in “Vietnam times,” a position that doesn’t exist but sounds plausible to those outside of the Special Forces community, but in actuality was a refrigerator repair technician who never left the United States and went A.W.O.L. several times.

These memes are funny, but more so, they remind us that the MSM is not trustworthy. If you want the full scoop, go to non-mainstream sources such as http://www.thefunnyconservative.com

The jackass in question cwas a refrigerator repairman who never left the US.

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