More Joe Biden Memes!

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Don’t let the coronavirus distract you from the fact that we’re still having an election in a few months and the Democrat front runner would be a complete disaster for the planet, not just America.

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All jokes aside, this man is a fool. He was a joke when he was a Senator, he was an incompetent Vice President, and he’s proven everyone who calls him out as a dunce right every time he opens his mouth. He puts his and his family’s personal interests above the nation’s, and he would be a disaster in the oval office.

The left will say he’s better than Trump. Some will try to say he’s just a gaffe machine but that’s he’s actually a deep thinking, master politician. Hey, he’s fooled the entire world if that’s true!

Let’s not forget Hunter Biden, slimebag extraordinaire…

One of the worst people alive, this man is just garbage. Click here or on any of the images below to see a full post on Hunter Biden or keep scrolling for more Sleepy Joe memes.

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