Military Monday – Navy Corpsman Edition

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This week we honor Navy Corpsmen who provide world class care for our Sailors and Marines around the world, often in austere conditions and under fire. They’re well known throughout the Navy and Marine Corps for their bravery which has earned them 23 Medals of Honor, the highest amount of any single Corps in the US military.

Corpsmen earn the title of “Doc.” Until it’s earned, Sailors and Marines use the rank, such as HN, HM3, or HM2.
Pictured: HM2 Allan Espiritu and his three daughters. Allan was killed in Iraq in 2005.
Pictured: Navy Corpsman memorial at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton

Spending time scouring the web for memes and pictures of these 100% certified bad asses taught me two things:

1: They’re just bunches of concentrated awesomeness and our Navy and Marine Corps just wouldn’t be as lethal without “Docs” keeping them alive and healthy to put bullets down range.

2: They’re a group of smart mouthed assholes – which makes them perfect for our website to honor with a small tribute. Therefore, if you like this post and know any Navy Corpsmen – share it with them to show our thanks and appreciation for what they do.

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