Military Monday – Infantry Edition

While no one can blame us for loving the huge tanks, fast jets, and big shiny Navy warships, we need to remember the most effective tool in our arsenal, the Army and Marine Corps infantry. We try to avoid casualties on our end by using smart bombs and guided missiles, but our enemies have learned how to protect themselves from these awesome weapons. We understand that when things really need to get dirty and then mopped up, that’s when we send in our infantry.

Look at this Marine’s feet. He willingly does this to himself in the service of our nation. Yet, Colin Kaepernick decides to kneel and disrespect this young man and all he does.
The Marine pictured above was injured in an IED blast. Navy Corpsmen were able to keep him alive but, sadly, both of his legs ended up being amputated due to the extent of the damage.

Infantry has a special place in our military. Where most of the other “jobs” in the military have a civilian equivalent such as Corpsmen and medics (see our Corpsman post here), truck drivers and truck mechanics, the infantryman is simply the infantryman. There is no civilian equivalent so they lean on each other. They’re a small band of brothers that know that their job on the battlefield is to locate, close in with, and kill the infantrymen of the enemy.

US Marine running through machine gun fire during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II
A Marine carrying a fallen brother in arms who was KIA during an ambush in Ramadi, Iraq.

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