Military Monday

This Monday, #MAGA stands for “Make Aircrew Great Again.
This week we’d like to highlight this particular aircrew who love their Commander-in-Chief and show it with this humorous patch. Why does this need to be highlighted, you ask? Because it’s triggering leftists and forcing them to admit that the military is virtually 100% behind the President.
Check out this US Navy aircrew’s awesome patch and then visit their website at https://makeaircrewgreatagain.com to see their story.
The Aircrew guys above seem like a good bunch of guys and gals. However, the most popular Military Monday post ever posted on our site was about the Sailors on the medical side of the house: Navy Hospital Corpsmen.
Click here or on the image above to see a full page of 100% certifed badassery.

Military Mondays are our favorite post to get together each week. It gives us a boner for America and reignites my admiration for the men and women in uniform – might be because three of the four of us here at TheFunnyConservative are veterans, or it might just be because America’s military is the greatest the world has ever known. Either way, thank the next soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman the next time you see them.

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