Migrant Caravan – 22 memes and images

Trump on Wall

The migrant caravan coming from Central America is approaching the Tijuana / San Diego crossing – luckily we’re armed with troops AND the dankest memes on the net.

Bill Clinton Immigration

Bill Clinton Donald Trump on Immigration

Bill Clinton Donald Trump Immigration 2

Bill and Hillary on Immigration

This situation is a great highlight of media bias and their use of selective images and reporting to advance their narrative.  It’s obvious that the goal isn’t security or enforcement of laws, but advancement of their narrative.

CNN Glasses

Democrat Voter Policy

Did You Know Immigration

If Socialism is Great

Keep the messages behind these memes in the back of your mind when hearing about the caravan, especially if your news source is the MSM.  As always, all we ask is that all Americans look at both sides of the story before making up their decision.

Wonka Immigration

Caravan to Border

Immigration vs Invasion

Migrants Open Fire

Migrants vs Hurricane

Tibbets Iowa

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Mollie Tibbets

Obama Tear Down This Wall

Pelosi on Immigration

Pinata Border

Refugees Dont Carry Flags


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